Dubai and Sharjah Hikes Taxi Fares as Petrol Prices Continue to Surge |

Dubai and Sharjah Hikes Taxi Fares as Petrol Prices Continue to Surge

The Roads and Transport Authority for both emirates announced that they will be increasing their taxi fares from July 2022

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4 July 2022

Last updated on 5 July 2022
Dubai and Sharjah taxi prices increase

The AED 12 minimum taxi fare in Dubai will remain the same.

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has increased taxi fares as gas prices in the UAE continue to rise. The hike in passenger charges will be calculated on fuel usage per kilometre (km).

RTA did not confirm how much the new per km charge is, but according to The National, it's expected to be around 10% with the passenger fare increasing from AED 1.99 per km to AED 2.21 per km.

"Any change in taxi fares is a dynamic change based on the fluctuating fuel prices in the local market and is calculated based on fuel usage per km," said an RTA spokeswoman.

The increase in taxi pricing has been implemented without "any impact on the opening/booking fare charges", thus the starting fare will remain the same along with the minimum AED 12 charge.

Sharjah taxis to also revise their pricing each month

In Sharjah, the taxi passenger fare will be adjusted each month based on the latest petrol costs in the UAE starting from July.

Dubai hikes taxi fares as petrol prices continue to rise

The official announcement came from Sharjah's Executive Council and will go into effect by the emirate's Roads and Transport Authority.

Sharjah RTA said the flexible pricing of taxi-meter tariffs was "in line with the current economic changes after the liberalisation of the price of fuel" and that revised taxi charges for July will be issued next week.