Dubai Butterfly Garden Guide: Timings, Ticket Prices, How to Get There, etc. |

Dubai Butterfly Garden Guide: Timings, Ticket Prices, How to Get There, etc.

Plan your visit to the Dubai Butterfly Garden with our handy guide, covering what to expect, admission tickets, location and more

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11 August 2023

Last updated on 11 August 2023
Dubai Butterfly Garden Guide: Timings, Ticket Prices, Location, How to Get There, etc.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is open to all ages.

Amidst the bustling urban landscape of Dubai is a collection of lush and family-friendly gardens. One of these is the popular Dubai Butterfly Garden, an enchanting indoor spot where UAE residents and visitors can take strolls among the greenery, discover butterflies, and even interact with the beautiful winged creatures.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden promises plenty of unforgettable moments for kids and adults. If you're planning to go, we've compiled a guide to help you plan your visit.

What is the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Opened in 2015, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is a lush garden that is home to over 15,000 butterflies and more than 50 varieties of these winged beauties in different sizes and colours.

What's inside Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Considered as one of the world's largest indoor butterfly gardens, the Dubai Butterfly Garden consists of 10 domes, with each one filled with lush greenery and thousands of colourful butterflies. Visitors can interact with and photograph the butterflies but are advised to be gentle while handling them.

In addition to the butterflies, visitors can also spot little caterpillars growing in their eggs and may even have the opportunity to see a butterfly hatch from its cocoon.

What else to see and do at Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Children's Cinema

Children will love the Kids Cinema where they can watch some educational movies, documentaries, and animated films about butterflies, including its life cycle and some family-friendly Disney movies.

Koi Fish Pond

Aside from the gorgeous butterflies, the Dubai Butterfly Garden also has a tranquil Koi fish pond where visitors can relax amid the running water and check out the magnificent Koi resplendent in gold, orange, and white.

Gift Shop

At the end of your visit, check out the Souvenir Shop for lovely little gifts, butterfly-themed toys, books, clothes, and even local handcrafted jewellery.

When a butterfly passes away at the Dubai Butterfly Garden, they are carefully preserved and are available as mementos at the gift shop. The larger ones' natural beauty preserved in a large frame to take home, while the smaller butteries are preserved in keychains or refrigerator magnets.

Can I eat and drink inside Dubai Butterfly Garden?

What to see at Dubai Butterfly Garden?

If you're feeling hungry, thirsty, or snackish while at the garden, not to worry as they have food kiosks, candy and snack shops, and cafes. Visitors can enjoy delicious sandwiches, sip on a cup of hot or cold coffee served from Starbucks machines, fresh fruit platters, ice creams, popcorn, juices, and more.

Outside food and drinks are not allowed to be brought in.

How much are entry tickets to Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets costs AED 55 per person. They may sometimes offer limited time discounts on admission tickets for groups of 3 or more. The general admission ticket grants full-day access, so it's best to come during the morning or afternoon to get the most of your experience.

Where to get Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets?

You can purchase your tickets at the gate itself, or save time and beat the queues by booking your Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets online through Cobone.

Where is the Dubai Butterfly Garden located?

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is located in Al Barsha South 3 in the Dubailand area, right beside Dubai Miracle Garden.

What time are they open?

Opening hours are from 9AM until 6PM daily.

How to get to Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Travelling to Dubai Butterfly Garden by car

Dubai Butterfly Garden is easily accessible if you're travelling by car.

Estimated driving times to Dubai Butterfly Garden:

  • From Dubai International Airport - 25 minutes
  • From Mall of the Emirates - 15 minutes
  • From Downtown Dubai - 18 minutes
  • From Bur Dubai - 20 minutes
  • From Al Nahda - 30 minutes
  • From Discovery Gardens - 18 minutes
  • From Jebel Ali - 28 minutes
  • From Dubai Motor City - 8 minutes
  • From Silicon Oasis - 18 minutes

Commuting to Dubai Butterfly Garden through public transport

If you'll be using the RTA public transport, there is a bus that services a route from Mall of the Emirates (MoE) Metro Station to Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden. Hop on board bus no. 105, which runs every 20-30 minutes. Be sure to top up your Nol card as it's a paid route. You can also take the same bus going back to Mall of the Emirates.

Going by taxi

RTA taxis are available across the emirate to help bring to you to your desired destination. If you don't live in Al Barsha and a Dubai Metro station is accessible to your location, we recommend taking the train to the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station and hail a cab from the taxi stop.