Dubai Passenger Caught With Fake Covid-19 Test |

Dubai Passenger Caught With Fake Covid-19 Test

The man was arrested at Dubai International Airport for presenting two fake Covid-19 test results

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28 March 2021

Last updated on 28 March 2021
Dubai Passenger Caught With Fake Covid-19 Test

And other latest Covid-19 related violations in the UAE...

A passenger at Dubai International Airport was caught trying to leave the country with forged Covid-19 test results.

The incident took place in December 2020 when the 32-year-old man was attempting to fly out of the UAE to travel to his home country.

An airport employee checked his PCR test result and found that it no longer within its validity period, and notified the passenger. The man then left the airport for 30 minutes and returned with a fake Covid-19 test result.

“I told him that the result had expired and asked him to take a new test. He left and came back after 30 minutes with a valid COVID-19 test result. I checked it and noticed the expiry date (in the earlier document) was changed,” the employee said in the Dubai Court of First Instance' official records.

The passenger had called a friend to change the expiring date and forge a negative test result, and was arrested soon after. His friend was also arrested after he admitted to creating the fake medical document. Both have been charged with forgery and using a forged document.

Dubai passenger arrested for forged Covid-19 test result

In other Covid-related news in the UAE...

Two men posing as fake officials steal facemasks worth over AED180,000

In Ras Al Khaimah, two men were arrested for pretending to be CID police and stealing 2,520 boxes of facemasks worth more than AED182,000.

According to court records, a man was called to deliver these boxes of facemasks to a warehouse in Ras Al Khaimah.

When he arrived with the delivery, he was suddenly stopped and attacked by two men who claimed they were officers but were actually robbers.

The two were immediately identified and arrested by RAK Police, and were sentenced to seven months in jail.

Ajman shopping centre was shut down and fined for massive crowds

A shopping centre in Ajman was closed and fined with AED5,000 after drawing in massive crowds of shoppers over a flash sale.

Local Covid-19 safety rules on physical distancing were violated as a result, as shown in a video shared by Ajman police.

In Dubai, a shisha cafe in Oud Metha and a Naif-based salon were shut down in February for flouting Covid-19 health and safety protocols.

As of Sunday March 28, UAE health officials reported 2,128 new Coronavirus cases and 2,243 recoveries. Four died due to Covid-related complications.

The total number of cases in are now 455,197, out of which 438,706 recovered. The death toll at 1,481.