Dubai Residents Wake-up To a Thick Blanket of Fog |

Dubai Residents Wake-up To a Thick Blanket of Fog

Parts of the UAE have been covered in thick fog since Saturday and it's staying for a couple more days

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24 December 2017

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Dubai Residents Wake-up To a Thick Blanket of Fog
Image Credits: @exclusive_indulgences_fzc

The desert city which most of us call home has again taken our breath away the last couple of days and mesmerised us with its beauty all over again.

Residents woke up to a fluffy blanket of fog covering the most of Dubai on Saturday morning. Most, if not all of the fog, usually clears within a couple of hours but this time round the fog has been persistent to stick around turning the usually sunny capital into a mysterious setting that left most of us wanting to rather stay in bed and sleep a while longer.

The heavy fog across parts of the UAE has however also been wreaking havoc at the airport and on the roads. Limited visibility for motorists and aircrafts have caused numerous flights to be delayed or cancelled. Drivers have also been warned to be extra careful while travelling.

According to the NCM, the foggy weather will continue until Tuesday.

The fog has also brought some really gorgeous photos along of Dubai. Here are some of our favourite ones on social media: 

1. Peek-a-boo

2. Good morning Dubai! 


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3. There aren't any words to describe this


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4. This looks like the opening scene to a love story

5. Picture perfect!

6. It looks so soft and fluffy!


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7. Can we have this view every night?


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8. This is almost like a grand unveiling!


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9. When did Dubai turn into Gotham?


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10. Be sure to be careful on the roads


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11. Foggy Dubai at night is at the same time beautiful and scary

12. Even Sheikh Hamdan shared some beautiful footage of foggy Dubai


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