Dubai Square: What You Should Know About Dubai's Newest Mega-Mall |

Dubai Square: What You Should Know About Dubai's Newest Mega-Mall

Located in the centre of Dubai Creek Harbour, the new retail hub will be 'tech-driven' and almost twice the size of The Dubai Mall

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25 July 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
by Rebecca Roberts
Dubai Square by Emaar and Dubai Holding

Image credit: Emaar

A new 'tech-driven' mega-mall and district has been revealed by Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding, which will overshadow The Dubai Mall.

Named 'Dubai Square', the two Dubai developers aim to bring the world's next largest malland mega-retail district to Dubai Creek Harbour; and it will represent a total of a whopping 2.6 Sq m space of retail, hospitality and residential units combined.

In fact, shoppers will be happy to hear that over 750,000 Sq m of the gross floor space will be dedicated entirely to retail - which is equivalent to the size of more than 100 football pitches - and double the current size of The Dubai Mall.

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Set by Dubai Creek, Dubai Square aims to "re-imagine the future of retail and mesmerise the world".

"Its design will be filled with avenues, plazas and town squares, helping to create a seamless indoor-outdoor space for customers", according to Emaar.

The design is also inspired by some of the world's most popular retail destinations, including London's Oxford Street, Los Angeles's Beverly Hills and Tokyo's Ginza - finished with inspiration by the Arabic 'mashrabiya', with beams of light that illuminate the mall like traditional souks in the UAE.

Not only that, but Dubai Square will offer an indoor space that appears to be part of the landscape; complete with skylights, glazed roofs, parks, green spaces and lush landscaping.

Dubai Square by Emaar and Dubai Holding

Image credit: Emaar

Dubai Square will be 'tech-driven', and thus customers can expect technological innovations to be part of the new mall, including; custom-designed mobile apps, quick checkout stations, search and bar-code scanning apps, radio-frequency identification technology, mobile payments, click-and-collect services.

Combine those with digital signage and directories, interactive displays, smart parking AR-based apps and a virtual concierge service - and Dubai Square is set to become a shopper's dream.

Facts and overview of the new Dubai Square

  • it will be the closest mega-retail district to millions of visitors passing through Dubai International Airport, which is just 10 minutes away
  • Dubai Square will serve 2.5 billion people who are only 4 hours flying time from Dubai
  • inspiration comes from London's Oxford Street, Los Angeles's Beverly Hills, Paris's Champs-Elysees, Tokyo's Ginza and Madrid's Plaza Mayor, to name a few
  • there will be 750,000 sqm of gross floor retail space - making Dubai Square the equivalent of more than 100 football pitches
  • the total Dubai square investment - including retail, hospitality and residential - amounts to USD 5.5 billion
  • the total gross floor area for retail, hospitality and residential in the Dubai Square district will be 2.6 million Sq m
  • the total gross floor area for retail only will amount to 750,000 Sq m
  • the total amount of built-up area for Dubai Square will be 5.7 million Sq m
  • the total number of residential units in the Dubai Square district will be 9,262
  • and the total number of hotel keys will be 1,563!

When does Dubai Square open in Dubai?

While no confirmed deadline has yet been announced, Dubai Square is expected to play a 'central role' in driving retail sales in Dubai, with the project expected to reach over $43.8 billion by 2021, and serving the estimated 20 million tourists to the city by 2020, according to Gulf Business.

Nonetheless, a project this size in Dubai, we suspect it will be a while off until the project is fully completed.

Dubai Square by Emaar and Dubai Holding

Image credit: Emaar

What will be inside Dubai Square?

The mall will be spread across three levels, each offering its own set of unique experiences for customers and will promote 'omnichannel retailing'. Meaning, customers will be able to shop via desktop, mobile or at a retail store within Dubai Square.

Plans display that the mall will have a lively ground floor, innovative first floor and an entertainment-packed second floor:

  • The ground floor will have an events arena, event spaces on streets and alleys and from here, access to Dubai Creek Tower
  • The first floor will offer luxury retail, dining and leisure - plus a virtual reality park, casual dining restaurants and access to world-class hotels
  • The second floor will be a family-friendly haven with activities like an 'Ice Expedition', a waterpark, a cutting-edge Cineplex, supermarket and a Dubai Metro link
  • Food and dining at Dubai Square

    For food and dining, Dubai Square will offer live cooking stations, street vendors, festive pop-up markets, grab-and-go F&B offerings, an organic market and fine dining with assistance from technology.

    Cultural experiences at Dubai Square

    To enhance a customer's cultural experience when visiting Dubai Square, the mall will offer an Art Arena, offering exhibitions, sculptures, statues, performing arts and a creative hub for designers, performers and other creatives.

    There will be year-round events for dance, drama, literature, painting, music, photography, cinema and others that you can get involved with.

Dubai Square by Emaar and Dubai Holding - Chinatown

Image credit: Emaar

The Middle East's largest Chinatown at Dubai Square

As part of the development, Dubai Square will boast the Middle East's largest Chinatown, which will stretch across all three levels of Dubai Square and help to strengthen the UAE's blossoming relationship with China.

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It will be of course, inspired by traditional Chinese architecture, such as timber framework, wooden beams with decorative carvings. Dubai Square's Chinatown will offer cultural activities, arts and crafts, merchandise, authentic food and beverage plus entertainment.

For more information, watch the full video from Emaar: