Crescent Moon Lake Dubai: How to Get There and What to See |

Dubai's Crescent Moon Lake is a Hidden Gem Worth Seeking Out

The crescent moon-shaped lake in Dubai lies just beyond the popular Love Lake

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20 April 2021

Last updated on 25 April 2021
Crescent moon shaped lake in Dubai

Image credit: @100.pixels / Instagram

We've got your questions about the Moon Lake in Dubai, answered.

When you think of Dubai, what do you imagine? Heritage spots and rolling golden deserts? Record-breaking attractions and family parks? The urban buzz of City Walk, Dubai Marina and beyond?

If you've already experienced all these amazing places but feel like discovering something never before seen, we've got great news for you.

Pack some sunscreen, fill in the gas tank, grab your friends and check out this lovely moon lake in Dubai that recently sprung up on social media, just in time for Ramadan!

What is the crescent moon-shaped lake?

The crescent moon lake is a recently discovered spot in the Al Qudra desert area in Dubai. The Moon Lake got its spotlight on social media when Dubai-based photographer and videographer Mostafa (@100.pixels / Instagram) posted stunning aerial shots of the lake.

According to him it's a place "full of wild life and barely untouched nature", with lots of Arabian wildlife such as oryx roaming the area. The views during sunset and sunrise are said to be breath-taking!

Watch the video:

How to get to Moon Lake in Dubai

To get to the Crescent Moon Lake in Dubai, you will need to head out to the Al Qudra desert.

Click here for the map location. For Google Map coordinates, use: 24.7874218, 55.3065662

The lake is located quite a way in the Al Qudra desert and has no paved road, so it may be harder to access without the right vehicle, ideally a 4x4.

Is it man-made?

Dubai's Moon Lake is likely to be man-made just like the nearby popular Love Lakes, also in Al Qudra.

Earlier this year, another gem was uncovered in the UAE on the coast of Ras Al Khaimah: an incredible bright pink lake. The pink lake is suggested to be naturally made, with scientists saying the water discolouration could be due to red algae.

Expat travel blogger Maria snapped a beautiful shot of the pink lakes in early January, inspiring many in the UAE to seek out the place.

That makes for two new, off the beaten path sights in the UAE! We can't wait to see what else might come up next.