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DXB International Airport Welcomed Its One Billionth Passenger With A Special Greeting

What an achievement!

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23 December 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
DXB International Airport

One of the busiest airports in the world just celebrated its success

If you’ve ever flown into or out of Dubai, you’ve probably received the A+ treatment that Dubai International Airport has to offer.

But you’re just going to kick yourself about this pretty exclusive treatment to one special flyer at the DXB airport.

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While the Dubai-based airport has made headlines this year for becoming one of the busiest airports over the summer time…being a hub for millions of passengers and transits for the region and abroad…

No one expected this big achievement to come so soon!

DXB airport just welcomed its one billionth flyer on Thursday and it was truly remarkable.

The special passenger was travelling on a 14-hour flight from Orlando, Florida when the landmarked moment took place in the airport.

With a special greeting and celebration, the flyer was taken completely by surprise…

The winner was chosen at random on a flight EK220, which was recorded to have the billionth passenger.

And as the cherry on top of this celebratory moment for Dubai and the airport, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid also took part in announcing the special achievement for the city.

Who was the winner?

Surprisingly enough, the winner was a 9-year-old boy named Arjun who arrived on Dubai with his family on Thursday afternoon.

As a special greeting, the family was welcomed with a special dedication to the passengers and titled the “one billionth passenger” at the DXB airport.

With a bright red button to press, Arjun released confetti and received a grand prize of four days of the best that Dubai has to offer – a stay at the Atlantis Hotel, a private Tesla limousine, a guide to the Burj Khalifa, a personal shopping experience, backstage passes to La Perle, access to Aquaventure water park and a personal desert safari tour.

DXB International Airport

It may come to a surprise but the Dubai International airport actually opened in 1960 with a 1,800-metre runway in the middle of the desert.

And what a long way it has come – now celebrating the one billionth flyer, DXB airport was ranked as the world’s busiest in 2018 and received a major upgrade.

In less than 7 years, the airport managed to rank up an additional 500 million passengers, which previously took 51 years to celebrate flyer number 500,000 in December of 2011.

DXB International Airport