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Eight Cool And Completely Autonomous Robots In Dubai

Dubai has been a pioneer in bringing autonomous projects and robots to facilitate life in the emirate

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14 October 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Dubai Robots

Straight out of Sci-Fi films, Dubai manages to bring awesome projects that seem to be out of this world.

While most people think robots will eventually take over the world, others think that robots can be extremely handy to facilitate everyday life.

And Dubai has definitely jumped on this bandwagon to bring amazing technology advanced projects that can literally function on their own!

Robotic devices can help increase efficiently in jobs that can be dangerous or tedious.

So here are 8 projects that Dubai has successfully introduced into the country…

1. Dubai Metro

Tourist or resident in Dubai, you’ve come across the Dubai Metro on a daily basis and whether you’ve used the transportation service before or not, most people often forget that it actually has no driver.

The Dubai Metro is driverless and completely autonomous transportation method in the emirate – so don’t expect a metro pilot up in front of the cable car.

For multiple hours a day, no one drives the metro as it drops off and picks up thousands of commuters in the city…but don’t worry, a certified coach makes sure that everything is running smoothly.

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2. Autonomous pods

Announced at the World Government Summit, this completely autonomous transportation method is designed for short and medium distance travel.

Each transportation pod is driverless, is equipped with cameras, measures 2.87 metres in length and 2.82 metres in height.

It can transporting up to 10 people at a time while traveling at a speed in 20 kilometres per hour for up to three hours at a time.

These pods can avoid road accidents as they are equipped with three protection systems.

3. Robot waiters

Ever wanted to jump into the future and have your food delivered to you via a robot? Well, Dubai is already making that happen with a favourite cuisine of the country; biryani and kebab.

A robot called Ruby helps take your order and deliver your food from the restaurants kitchen to your table – she places the orders on two trays that she carries and moves around the restaurant to reach your assigned table.

And that’s not all – Ruby can also play music for any occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries or more!

The best thing about this robot is that you won’t find it in Dubai’s fine dining restaurants, Ruby is actually located in Drink and Spice Magics Restaurant in Bur Dubai – giving way for any and all societal classes in Dubai to enjoy these tech projects without paying a fortune.

4. Robocop

If Dubai wasn’t already safe enough, it is now with the introduction of a completely autonomous Robocop.

Recruited to the line of duty last year, this smart police offer can fight crime and speak six languages too.

The Robocop is 1.7 metres in height and 100 kgs in weight, he is fully equipped to fight crime and help residents in Dubai – he can detect emotions and facial expressions and can use facial recognition to help police offers identify and catch offenders.

He also has an emotion detector, which helps him recognise gestures and hand signals from a distance of 1.5 metres.

5. Robot receptionist

Robots are taking over the service industry to ensure fast and efficient transactions – the robot waitress was one of them and now the robot receptionist is another.

Farah the robo receptionist stands 1.5 metres tall and takes over all the receptionist duties at the government’s Smart Dubai Office.

She features a touch-screen panel with service options, which alerts employees of an incoming customer, she will then escort the guests to a meeting room and allow them to wait until their host arrives.

Farah also asks customers if they want something to drink and is able to go to the pantry and fetch any beverage order.

6. Waste shark

In efforts to help reduce waste and increase recycling in the emirate, Dubai has unleashed a shark that preys on waste.

Not as scary as it sounds, this autonomous shark targets any trash in Dubai’s water by helping collect plastic, oil, algae and other debris in various marine environments.

While it is completely autonomous, it is also environmentally friendly – the waste shark is completely electrical and is able to collect up to 350 kgs of waste without leaving a carbon footprint.

It can also gather date on the marine environment, including the water quality of a certain area, the water salinity and other valuable data.

7. Delivery drone

If you want your food to completely fly over Dubai’s traffic, it is now possible thanks to a drone delivery.

The delivery drone called Space Autonomous Drones, will help delivery anything from food, packages or parcels to various locations in Dubai.

The self-flying drone can pick up and drop off anything as long as it does not weigh over 5 kgs. And promises to get the delivery done in less than 30 minutes.

8. Driverless taxis

Nowhere else in the GCC region does the country offer taxi transportation services without the need of a driver.

It will firstly run on routes around Dubai Silicon Oasis, which is known to house the Technology Park – a tech hub for entrepreneurs, start up and tech companies.

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