How to Get an E-scooter Permit in Dubai: An Expat Guide |

How to Get an E-scooter Permit in Dubai: An Expat Guide

A permit is now required for e-scooter riders in Dubai. Here is a complete guide to getting one for expat residents

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4 April 2022

Last updated on 2 August 2022
How to get an e-scooter licence in Dubai

Riders found using an e-scooter without a valid permit will receive an AED 200 fine.

Electric scooter riders are required to have a permit issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) under a new resolution announced in April this year.

The free permit will allow riders to travel on designated tracks and 'safe streets' across Dubai, and will cover ten districts including Al Rigga, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai Internet City, City Walk, and Palm Jumeirah.

The e-scooter permit will also include specific safe roads and tracks in Karama, Al Mankhool, Al Qusais, and to all cycling and scooter lanes across Dubai with the exception of the cycling tracks in Al Qudra, Meydan, and Saih Assalam.

Here's what you need to know about applying for an e-scooter permit in Dubai, who is eligible, and what are the latest e-scooter rules in the emirate.

Requirements for an e-scooter permit in Dubai

To apply for an e-scooter permit in Dubai, you must be at least 16 years old and do not possess a valid driving licence. Riders below 16 years old are not allowed to ride electric bikes or e-scooters in Dubai.

You will be required to complete a free e-scooter awareness training course on the RTA website.

The training course deals with traffic assigns, lessons on e-scooters, users' obligation, and areas where people are allowed to ride their e-scooter. Afterwards, you must pass the free online test.

The entire process of obtaining your e-scooter permit is free of charge.

Where can I apply for a Dubai e-scooter permit?

You can apply for your e-scooter permit through the official RTA website, here.

Do I need an e-scooter licence if I have a UAE driving licence?

UAE residents who own a valid driving licence, motorcyle licence, or an international driving licence do not require a permit to use e-scooters in Dubai.

Do you need a license to use e-scooters in Dubai?

What are Dubai's e-scooters rules?

If you want to use an e-scooter in Dubai, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Be at least sixteen (16) years old.
  • Wear a protective helmet and appropriate gear and shoes.
  • The maximum e-scooter speed limit must be set at 20 km/h.
  • E-scooters must be parked in designated spots.
  • Avoid blocking the way of pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Leave a safe distance between other e-scooters riders, bikers, and pedestrians.
  • Avoid carrying anything that can cause imbalance while riding.
  • Do not carry any additional passengers with you.
  • Adhere to traffic regulations and warning signs.
  • Avoid using dual headsets.
  • Inform competent authorities when any road or riding accidents occur, whether the accident caused or did not cause damage to others.
  • Follow general safety conditions while riding an e-scooter.
  • Wear appropriate clothes and shoes while using an e-scooter.
  • Dismount the e-scooter while crossing pedestrian crossings.
  • Avoid reckless usage of an e-scooter which can pose a danger to the public.
  • Avoid using e-scooters outside of designated or shared lanes.

What are the e-scooter fines in Dubai?

Failure to present a valid e-scooter permit in Dubai will result in an AED 200 fine.

AED 200 fine if the rider does not park their e-scooters responsibly in designated parking spots. If there is no designated e-scooter parking area nearby, riders must park their e-scooters responsibly without obstructing pedestrians or traffic.