How to Get a P.O. Box Address in Dubai and the UAE |

How to Get a P.O. Box Address in Dubai and the UAE

Do you need a PO box address in the UAE? Here is a complete guide to opening your own PO box in the country, including costs and what to expect

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22 August 2021

Last updated on 21 September 2023
How to get a PO Box in Dubai and the UAE

PO Box addresses in Dubai and the UAE: Everything you need to know.

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about PO Box addresses in Dubai, including how to get a PO Box and how much it costs to rent one.

Post offices have been a part of the emirate's postal system for over a century, with the Indian Post Office Services opening Dubai's first postal agency in 1909.

It wasn't until October 1932 when the first ever letter sent from the Dubai post service was mailed, via Sharjah Airport. At present, Emirates Post manages Dubai's postal services and courier services.

What is the P.O. Box, Zip Code, and address system in the UAE?

The UAE doesn't have a Zip code system or postal codes for areas. If you want to receive mail from abroad, you must instead provide a Post Office Box number (PO Box number), provided by Emirates Post to individuals and businesses in the UAE.

Through Emirates Post, you can apply for either a company post box or personal post box.

However, if you're really required to provide a Zip code, you can use "00000", according to the Dubai central post office. But what is most important is the PO Box number.

Do properties in the UAE have PO Boxes?

There are no homes, apartments, or offices in Dubai or in any other emirate in the UAE that come with a PO Box number assigned to them.

Therefore, if you want to receive mail in a PO Box, you will need to separately rent a PO Box from the Emirates Post. To help you out, we've compiled a thorough guide on how to get a PO Box in Dubai and the UAE below.

How to get a PO Box in Dubai

Pictured: A red Emirates Post mail box in the UAE.

How much does a PO Box cost in Dubai?

The annual corporate P.O. Box rental charge in the UAE starts at AED 900, excluding the AED 100 registration fee.

For a MyBox or MyHome post box, you can expect the annual rental fee to start from AED 300 and AED 995 respectively.

The annual rental fee may be higher depending on any additional postal services you add on.

How to rent a PO Box in the UAE

The easiest way to receive international mail in the UAE is through a PO Box.

If you're interested in renting a PO Box in any of the emirates, you can visit an Emirates Post branch near you and fill out the necessary forms and make the payment there. There are 88 Emirates Post branch locations across the country.

Alternatively, you can also apply for a PO Box online. Here's how.

1. Visit the Emirates Post website

Visit the Emirates Post website at

Scroll down click 'Rent a PO Box' from the menu. You can choose between a personal PO Box or a corporate PO Box to rent.

2. Select your choice of PO Box

You can choose between a personal PO Box or a corporate PO Box to rent.

For a personal post box, you have two choices: MyBox or MyHome.

The MyBox service starts from AED 300 per year, and will provide a post box at one of the Emirates Post locations of your choice. You would have to personally visit the postal office to collect your delivered items, and access is provided 24/7 throughout the week.

The MyHome service starts from AED 995 per year, and the mail will be delivered to your home address once a week.

How to rent a PO Box in the UAE

3. Apply and create your own Emirates Post account.

Click 'Apply' and create an Emirates Post account. Fill in the form and set a password to finish creating an account.

You will then receive a virtual PO Box ID, which acts as a username for your Emirates Post account.

Complete the verification steps.

4. Click 'Rent a PO Box'.

After you click 'Rent a PO Box', pick the emirate you currently live in and the closest Emirates Post branch near you.

Select one PO Box number from the listen of available numbers which will be provided to you.

Set up your the PO Box expiry date. Note that the rental fee will vary accordingly to how long you wish to rent your PO Box for.

5. Review all your Emirates Post and PO Box details.

You will receive all the details related to your PO Box, including the owner’s name, the preferred branch and the post box number.

6. Choose a PO Box agent.

You can also assign an agent, ideally a family member or trusted friend, who has the authority to handle your PO Box on your behalf. Adding an agent is free for the first year, but following that an AED 50 fee will apply.

You would be required to provide the individuals’ full name, mobile number, Emirates ID number and upload a copy of their Emirates ID.

How to rent a PO Box in Abu Dhabi

7. Pay the PO Box rental fee.

After you pay the rental fee, you will receive an email that will confirm your payment.

You can also get the PO Box key delivered to your home by paying an AED 30 delivery fee. Alternatively, you can visit your PO Box at the Emirates Post branch you picked and receive the key.

It's important to note that the process and fees may vary if it's for a corporate PO Box.