How to Get a UAE Visa Through Video Conference Call |

How to Get Your UAE Visa Through a Five-Minute Video Call

Here's how you can get your UAE visa with a five-minute video call with a visa officer, from anywhere in the world

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12 January 2023

Last updated on 16 January 2023
How to get Dubai visa through video conference call

You can now complete your Dubai visa applications through a video call.

If you've run into a problem during your UAE visa application process, you won't have to worry about traveling all the way to a customer happiness service centre to resolve it.

Starting from Wednesday January 11, 2023, applicants from within or outside of the country can use video calls to complete their UAE visa applications, without having to visit a centre.

The new video call service offered by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA Dubai) can be used if visa officers find that an applicant's document is missing or unclear, or if they need additional information from the applicant to issue the visa.

How does it work?

Individuals can simply upload the necessary documents and/or images via the chat box when chatting directly with a visa officer on a video call.

UAE visa applicants can still visit a customer happiness service centre if they want to.

How to speak with a Dubai visa officer through video call

To speak directly with a visa officer through a video call, simply contact the Amer service number on 800 5111, or enquire through the GDRFA website and the mobile app.

You can use any device that supports a front camera, whether it's the one on your phone, tablet, or computer webcam.

The whole process can take as little as five minutes, saving time for both the applicant and centre.

What services does the video call option cover?

The new video call option provides support for all services, including entry permits, residence visas, golden visas, financial claims, legal advice, issuance and renewal of e-passports, etc.

What happens if I still can't complete my visa application?

If you've already consulted with a visa officer on video call and the application still cannot be completed, the officer will send a link to the applicant so he or she can schedule an appointment to visit a centre.

How to complete UAE visa application through a video call

"Sometimes, there are pending transactions that require the customer to come to the building. The new service will allow people to see and speak directly to an officer to solve the problem," said Lieutenant General Mohammed Al Marri, Director General of GDRFA, during a press conference.

He continued: "The Amer call centre is for enquires before applying, but the video conference service will be for people who have already submitted an application and there has been a delay."

The video call service will connect the applicant to a visa officer, and the individual can upload the required documents or images through the chat box while speaking with the officer.

"The officer will review the missing or unclear documents to attach them to complete the transaction. This service will cut time and make the process simpler for customers," he added, as the department aims to achieve a 'zero visit' goal.

Visit the GDRFA Dubai website for more information.