How to Report Illegal Massage Cards to the Dubai Police |

How to Report Illegal Massage Cards to the Dubai Police

It is illegal to spread massage cards around Dubai. Here is a guide on how to report them to help reduce the problem in your area

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23 August 2022

Last updated on 24 August 2022
How to report illegal massage cards to Dubai Police

Image: Massage cards placed on a car window in Dubai.

We dislike them, we avoid them, and here's how we can report them.

As a UAE resident, chances are you have spotted these; calling cards depicting images of scantily dressed women with contact details of a massage or spa centre. These cards are usually found littered on the ground or tucked into car windows by passerbys.

The massage card menace has been a frequent problem for many neighbourhoods in the Emirate, with residents strongly warned against contacting these massage calling cards.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadem Suroor Al Maasem, Director of the Bur Dubai Police Station and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Police Stations, says that unlicensed massage centres are a front for criminal activities.

According to the Dubai Police, the centres operate by deceiving victims seeking out their services, resulting in extortion and blackmail.

If you see these cards on the street or spot someone distributing them, here is how you can report illegal massage cards to the Dubai Police.

How to report massage cards in Dubai

To report someone promoting massage centre cards or unlicensed centres, call 901 or report them using Police Eye in the Dubai Police app.

How to check if a massage centre in Dubai is legitimate?

If you are unsure whether or not a massage centre in Dubai is operating as a legitimate business, you can verify through the Dubai Economy & Tourism Department (DED):

All legal businesses in Dubai are registered through DED.