How Can Residents Apply for ICA or GDRFA Approval to Return to the UAE |

How UAE Residents Can Apply for ICA or GDRFA Approval

A step-by-step guide on how UAE residents can apply for ICA or GDRFA approval to fly back into the UAE.

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5 August 2021

Last updated on 8 August 2021
How UAE Residents Can Apply for ICA Approval for Flights

Are you a UAE resident stranded outside of the country?

Great news for UAE residents wanting to return to the country, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has updated their pre-travel approval requirements for passengers arriving from six countries!

With this decision, travellers with a valid UAE residence visa and are stuck in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Uganda can now return to the emirates if they are also fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Residents stuck in the above-mentioned countries must have received both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine in the UAE, with at least 14 days since the second dose, added state news WAM.

Unvaccinated residents, including healthcare workers, education staff, and students will also be given permission to return to the UAE as long as they receive ICA approvals.

If you're wondering how to apply for ICA or GDRFA approval to travel back into the UAE, simply follow our step-by-step guide below.

How can UAE residents apply for ICA approval?

Pictured: Dubai DXB Airport.

How to apply for ICA approval (for UAE residents outside the country)

  1. Visit the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website and open the form, HERE.
  2. Fill in the form with your passport details, address in the UAE, Covid-19 vaccine information, PCR test results, etc.
  3. The application form will will ask for yours or the traveller's name, date of birth, and date of arrival to the UAE. After completing this section, a QR code will be sent to the passenger's e-mail.
  4. The form will require you to upload a copy of the traveller's passport and a passport image.
  5. Click the declaration box, acknowledging that all information and attachment(s) you've provided are correct, etc.
  6. Double check that all information your provided is accurate and correct, then click "Send" and wait for an approval response from ICA.
  7. After you receive your ICA approval to return to the UAE, you must take a quick PCR test before boarding the plane to the emriates.

    Upon landing, expect to follow a local quarantine period and a PCR test.