In Pics: Rain Hits Parts of Dubai and the UAE |

In Pics: Rain Hits Parts of Dubai and the UAE

It’s been raining in Dubai and surrounding areas – and there’s still plenty more to come!

Dubai Rain in Pictures

Residents of Sharjah and Dubai woke up this morning to wet and windy conditions as rain fell across parts of the country during their morning commute.

Showers have since continued throughout the morning in various parts, and it seems like we can expect more of it in the coming week.

Dubai rain on Instagram

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The showers come just a month since the first arrival of rain in Dubai’s winter in early December 2017, during which flights and travel plans were delayed for many expats hoping to visit home for the festive period.

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Regardless of whether you love or hate the rare, wintery weather here, it looks like we’re set to have some more.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has confirmed that rainfall is to continue in different parts for the rest of the week.

A spokesperson from the NCM told Gulf News: “It has been raining in some areas this morning. Different areas will experience rain through today, tomorrow and Wednesday morning. It will not be all over the country, mostly the northern and eastern areas. It will extend over the coast and some internal areas and the country will experience a significant fall in temperature, especially in the mountainous areas.”

Here’s a video the NCM shared earlier from Ras Al Khaimah showing the rainfall in northern parts of the UAE:

Of course as expected, residents across the city took to social media to share their snaps and videos of Dubai’s wet weather.

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Make sure to drive safe everyone while out and about – the wind is stronger than usual!



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