In Pictures: Dubai's Week of Foggy Mornings |

In Pictures: Dubai's Week of Foggy Mornings

Here's some of our favourite pictures we've found on social media that truly captures the beauty of Dubai in the fog.

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8 December 2016

Last updated on 14 January 2020
In Pictures: Dubai's Week of Foggy Mornings

It's that time of year when residents of Dubai gasp in delight over the thought that the weather is cooling. The sign of fog means only one thing here; cooler temperatures, potential rain and breezy afternoons. 

In truth, when it's foggy, Dubai's roads can become a bit of a nightmare for commuters and drivers trying to get to work on start their daily tasks. 


Nonetheless, with the emirate's towering skyscrapers and infrastructure, a spot of fog does make for some spectacular sights - especially for those waking up in high rise buildings, and it's evident in the snaps shared across social media over the course of this week. 

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We have to be honest though, let's hope it remains just fog. And the rain doesn't come pouring down anytime soon, because that's a whole different story entirely! 


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Of course, in true Fazza style, Dubai's Prince shared some spectacular views that are jaw-dropping... And if we're honest, leave us brimming with envy!


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But what causes the fog to be so thick in Dubai? 
The fog first rolled into the emirate on Saturday (December 3rd) morning, due to a North Westerly flow from the sea, so humidity has increased as a result, shared an NCMS spokesperson this week. 

Not only is the country experiencing poor visibility, but the seas have been and are expected to continue to be rough, with wave heights of 4-6 feet offshore, and 3-4 feet onshore. 

Of course, motorists have been continually cautioned to reduce their speeds, use their fog lights appropriately and drive responsibly to ensure their own safety and those around them while travelling on the roads. 

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