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Look: The Best Pictures of Dubai in Fog

The fogginess was hard to miss recently, as the entire city of Dubai was consumed by it

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16 January 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Look: The Best Pictures of Dubai in Fog

Driving in the fog can be a bit annoying, however, Dubai is probably one of the best cities in the world to witness this type of weather... As the whole city’s skyscrapers look as if they were dipped in cotton candy clouds.

The rare foggy weather was back in the desert city quite prominently yesterday, when the residents of Dubai woke up to heavenly views of the city, and took to social media to show their beautiful captured pictures of the Dubai fog.

It doesn’t get foggy a lot in Dubai, as it only happens a few times, usually between September and November.

And in case you missed it, here are our favourite pictures of Dubai's fog this week:

1) A peaceful sunrise of Dubai's fog by @willhurf101

A post shared by Will Hurford (@willhurf101) on

3) @santiagopdiaz captured this eerily silent view of Dubai's fog

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4) A fantastic Dubai fog shot captured by @danyiedphotography

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5) This view looks like something out of the film, 'I Am Legend'

6) @superswede_ paying homage to the UAE's leader with this incredible view

A post shared by Zara Hovelsas (@superswede_) on

7) Thankfully, it's the passenger capturing this impressive view of JLT

8) The sun creeping behind the skyscrapers over the Dubai fog

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9) The iconic Emirates Towers peaking over the fogginess

10) The fog looks like candy-floss next to the Dubai Marina skyline

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