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A Mesmerising Drone Footage Of Expo2020 Has Been Released

Everything you wanted to know about the layout and what’s almost complete at the Expo2020 site in the Dubai

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18 September 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Drone Footage Of Expo2020

As Expo2020 nears, residents and tourists haven’t quite gotten any teasers of the current construction status of the anticipated Universal Exposition.

The ultimate teaser was released on Twitter revealing how vast the Expo2020 site actually is and how fast the construction rate has been since construction began back in 2015.

Only three years since intense planning, designing and first dig into the Expo2020 site, with just two more years to go.

The UAE won the opportunity to hold the Expo convention back in 2013 when all 164 nation members had to cast their votes between two countries – Dubai beat the competition with an impressive 116 votes in favor, while Russia had 47 votes in total.

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Visitors can expect a hub with architectural manifestations of the Expo’s main theme – “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”

The biggest significant architectural design is the dome of Al Wasl Plaza, which will act as a 360-degree screen at night; projecting thousands of images from the interior and exterior.

And in this teaser, people can finally witness the dome already coming to life.

Where is Expo2020 located?

In efforts to build projects around the city - the expo 2020 is being built to the South of Dubai, close to Al Maktoum International Airport.

With a total of 4.39 square kilometers, the exposition plan will have four main entrances and the Dubai Metro will be expanded to that area.

The new metro expansion is expected to hold an additional 46,000 passengers per hour and take only 16 minutes from Dubai Marina.

What to expect from Expo2020?

Around the dome, you can expect vast buildings and architectural designs that are fit to hold 10,000 visitors at a time. The site will also include fountains, waterfalls, parks, courtyards, sky roofs, hotels, entertainment complexes, restaurants and more.

And around the dome will be three large pavilions, each with a specific country theme.

The preparation and construction of the Expo2020 site has already resulted in 277,000 new jobs in the UAE. It is also expected to increase the country’s economy by $40billion and expand tourism by at least 25 million people each year.