This is THE Most Riskiest Picture of Dubai |

This is THE Most Riskiest Picture of Dubai

In a recent stunt, a Russian model scaled to the top of Dubai's famous twisted tower to capture the most riskiest picture ever

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19 February 2017

Last updated on 14 January 2020
This is THE Most Riskiest Picture of Dubai

Not long ago, we shared with you twenty of the most life-risking shots we've found taken in Dubai online. But now, there's one that has gone viral on the Internet that has completely trumped all of those. 

In a recent stunt that can only be described as nerve-wreckingly daft, a 23 year old Russian model climbed to the top of Cayan Tower (that huge twisted one in Dubai Marina) and decided to HANG OFF the side of it.


From reality Ph: @a_mavrin #MAVRIN #MAVRINmodels #VikiOdintcova @sashatikhomirov #Dubai

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It comes as no surprise that both the image, and its 'making of' video has shocked the Internet.


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As part of what can only be described as an attempt at garnering likes on Instagram - because what other purpose would one have to hang off a building nowadays? - model Viki Odintcova climbed to the top and performed the stunt without any safety measures or climbing equipment. 

Just her friend, holding onto her arm. Who, by the way, isn't harnessed either from what we can see. 

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While we appreciate that in a world dominated by social media, the competition online to get the best, most perfect and viral-worthy shot is extremely high. But this is taking the biscuit, and the authorities in Dubai think so, too. 

In fact, anyone thinking of doing a copy-cat version themselves should know that these types of stunts are prohibited without the relevant permission from a specialised authority. 

Anyone who conducts a life-risking stunt like this could face prosecution for endangering other people's lives.

Besides risking your own life, you are also potentially endangering the lives of others should you fall onto a pedestrian below. 

There have been arrests in the past.

According to Gulf News, a British thrill-seeker called James Kingston was previously arrested for scaling one of Dubai's skyscrapers, but was later released following an official warning. 

In a recent update, shared by The National, Dubai Police have summoned the Russian model Viki Odintcova to sign a pledge not to put her life in danger again.