Mysterious Hearts Have Been Spotted Near Dubai's Al Qudra Lakes |

Mysterious Hearts Have Been Spotted Near Dubai's Al Qudra Lakes

An image captured and shared by a Dubai resident has piqued everyone's curiosity

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28 October 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
by Rebecca Roberts

A pair of intertwining love hearts is probably the last thing you'd expect to find in the middle of Dubai's desert...

But after an image shared by Dubai-based photography Alamash Javed (@aljvd) made it's way onto Instagram, it seems that visitors to Al Qudra Lakes can expect to find just that.

What appears to be two huge, man-made lakes, the two hearts intertwine and trees appear to have been planted to spell out the word, 'love'. A fitting inscription for two gigantic hearts positioned next to each other.

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Of course, any visitor to Dubai's Al Qudra Lakes quickly fall in love with the landscape, the beauty of the lakes and the natural serenity that surrounds the waters... Now, you can declare your love for the desert's beauty - literally, with a visit to these huge hearts!

Why is there two huge heart lakes in Al Qudra in Dubai?

We're tried our hardest to find the reason why these hearts have been created here - but unfortunately, their tale remain a mystery. In fact, residents' curiosities initially spiked when they've actually been able to find these large heart lakes via Google Maps, in Earth view.

Located close to the last lake of Al Qudra, the two hearts are clearly visible when zoomed out in Google Maps, and their size is striking in comparison to the surrounding lakes nearby.

Regardless of the reasons of why these mysterious hearts have appeared in Al Qudra, there's no denying that they do look stunning from above!

Heart lakes in Dubai Al Qudra Desert
Heart lakes in Dubai Al Qudra Desert
Heart lakes in Dubai Al Qudra Desert
Heart lakes in Dubai Al Qudra Desert

How to get to the heart lakes in Al Qudra

Head east, in-land down Umm Suqeim towards Al Qudra Lakes. You'll pass Dubai Studio City on your right, and Arabian Ranches on your left.

Continue down Umm Suqeim and you'll pass Emirates Road (E611), until you reach the Al Qudra roundabout near the cycle track. Continue straight, and straight again and the second roundabout.

Once you reach the third roundabout, you'll find the Trek Bicycle Store - turn left. Then at the next roundabout, just before the Dubai Endurance Stable, turn right.

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Continue straight until you reach a left turn, from this road you should then be able to travel off-road towards the last lake of Al Qudra. The heart lakes should be to your right as you arrive.

From Motor City, expect to drive for just over 40 minutes before you reach the area.