This New Dubai Museum Is Nothing Short of Edutainment |

This New Dubai Museum Is Nothing Short of Edutainment

If you’re looking for a new thing to do in Dubai, check out this very different Dubai-based museum that will blow your mind

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10 September 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Museum of Illusions in Dubai

A new funky museum in Dubai has finally opened its doors, adding to the city's fun learning and entertaining culture suitabel for all ages.

Based in the Dubai Creek, at a new area called in Al Seef, Dubai's newMuseum of Illusions has teased residents in the UAE with its funky concept and has made everyone in the city excited for its opening.

Intended for Dubai residents to share some laughter and have some fun, the museum actually allows visitors to learn about science and grasp new ideas on perception and the human brain.

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And now residents can roam around the 450-square metre museum while they explore the different mind-boggling and eye-deceiving illusions found in various sections of the museum - made up of 80 optical and sensory illusions, each artwork brings elements of fun and education for all attendees. Completing the whole museum can take around 45 minutes to an hour.

With various interactive artwork pieces in the illusion museum, art enthusiasts and residents looking to spend an evening laughing, can go into different rooms that will help trigger your brain with the usage of optical illusions and sensory games.

Here’s some of the artworks you can find at the Museum of Illusion:

The Vortex Tunnel

One of the 80 illusions is found in the main area called The Vortex Tunnel that will might make anyone with a faint heart get dizzy – attendees are able to walk through the tunnel while a cylinder rotates around them.

This will eventually cause the walking person to feel as if the ground underneath them is moving when it’s not.

The Clone

The artworks in the museum differ depending on the layout of the room, while one named The Clone allows people to see five clones of themselves once they sit at a table.

The Ames Room

The other called Ames Room lets two people appear bigger or smaller depending on where they stand in the normal sized room. All of these illusions are done through the manipulation of depth distance and objects found in the rooms.

Hollow Faces

Another feature in the newly opened museum is an extensive artwork is of various Albert Einstein heads made into a collage – the eyes of the famous scientist is supposed to stalk visitors as they walk by.

The new fun concept is made for all ages to enjoy and to interact with and visitors are also encouraged to snap pictures and videos of their experience at the museum.

Take all your family along while you explore the different rooms and getting your mind-blown at every step.

The museum is located in Al Seef by Meeras, in the Dubai Creek, and is open from Sundays to Wednesdays from 10am until 10pm, and open from 10am until 12am on weekends. Tickets cost AED 80 for adults (16+), AED 60 for children and is free for kids below 5 years old.



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