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A New Venice-Themed Floating Opera House is Coming to Dubai

Here's what we know so far of the upcoming floating Azizi Venice Opera House, set to dazzle performing arts enthusiasts from Dubai and beyond

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27 May 2024

Last updated on 27 May 2024
Azizi Developments floating Venice-inspired opera house in Dubai news

Image credit: Azizi Developments

Expect a new destination to satisfy your love for musicals, concerts, ballets, operas, and more.

Head's up, fans of theatre and the arts! The emirate will soon be home to a new opera house, the city's second after the Dubai Opera in Downtown Dubai.

Opening in Dubai South, the upcoming Azizi Venice Opera House will be a "floating masterpiece", said Azizi Developments. It will be located in Azizi Venice and surrounded by Crystal Lagoon, next to a dancing fountain.

Previews of the new opera house in Dubai has been shared by developers, and it's quite the glimmering sight. The Azizi Venice Opera House will be given the Midas Touch, with its captivating gold exterior.

Shows and events to expect at the Azizi Venice Opera House

The floating performing arts centre is expected to accommodate a large audience with up to 2,000 seats. The venue will host a wide variety of live acts, including opera performances, ballet, concerts, musicals, comedy shows, etc.

In addition, the Azizi Opera House will offer the option to use their venue for private events, such as private performances, wedding ceremonies, corporate parties, and more.

The in-house museum will give visitors insights on how the building was made.

Azizi Group floating Venice Opera House in Dubai news

Image credit: Azizi Developments

What's around Azizi Venice Opera House?

Residents and tourists can look forward to Azizi Venice, a stunning pedestrian-friendly boulevard that can be open-air during the cooler winter months, and glass-covered in the summers.

The upcoming Dubai destination will feature a range of dining, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment options for all ages, as well as two five-star hotels and a boutique short-stay accommodation right in the middle of the lagoon!

The megaproject is estimated to cost around a whopping 3 billion dirhams. Azizi Development has yet to announce an official completion date, however estimations place it sometime between next year and 2028.