Roads Vs Desert: 8 Pictures Show How They Interact In The UAE |

Roads Vs Desert: 8 Pictures Show How They Interact In The UAE

Dubai based photographers managed to spectacularly capture the relationship of UAE’s deserts with the manmade roads in the emirate.

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17 October 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Photo Credit: IG @who.sane

Get ready to be mesmerized with Mother Nature because she’s never seizes to amaze us

A new founded appreciation should go out to Mother Nature because no matter what changes disrupt its environment, she will not give up the natural discourse of things.

In a desert-based country like the UAE, roads don’t exist naturally – the country paves the way into the desert to make room for cities, roads and malls.

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Historically, the Bedouins of the UAE would camp out in the desert and become one with nature – they were interacting with the sand during all of their daily functions.

And now when living in any of the seven emirates in the UAE, you’ve already experienced a bit of what life in the desert actually is – looking left or looking right, huge mountains of sand exist beyond skyscrapers and building complexes.

But these 8 pictures just prove that the Mother Nature’s desert is more powerful than any man-made construction – and we’re extremely thankful for that because these pictures are absolutely spectacular.



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