These Illustrated Dubai Memes are Hilarious |

These Illustrated Dubai Moments Are Hilariously Accurate

Created by three Dubai-based expatriates, these Dubai memes are both hilarious and totally relatable for all

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20 September 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
by Rebecca Roberts
Dubai moment memes by @dubaiperson

Even with the hundreds of different cultures, nationalities and personalities living in Dubai… We all have one thing in common.

And that’s a sense of humour. Especially when it comes to totally relatable, hilarious circumstances we may find ourselves in, which are then perfectly captured as a meme.

Experiences of facing Dubai Mall on a weekend, heading to the beach and hoping for a cool breeze and even the mystery of ‘cloud-seeding’ – these are all cleverly portrayed in a series of Dubai memes, created by talented illustrators based here.

Founded by Sam Ingeborg Saliba(@samirasaliba) and illustrated by Melvin SM ( and Max Laurence (@max.laurence.illustration), these hilarious Dubai moments can all be found on their Instagram page, @dubaiperson.

Since its creation in July 2018, the account has accumulated almost 1000 followers so far, and we’re sure that number will steadily increase as more and more expatriates discover the funny little Dubai memes.

Here’s some of our most favourite @dubaiperson illustrations that made us truly LOL…

A Dubai map for newbies

A land filled with tall buildings, then more tall buildings, a lot of fancy hotels and a lot of fancy islands... Plus a whole LOAD of sand!

At the petrol station

We're sure every can tell at least one story of when their blood boiled when someone did this at the petrol station.

Crossing over the Dubai Creek like...

Back to the future, in real life.

On school fees

A complete bargain for parents - not expensive at all?

All day, every day

Because rush hour is from 7am until 3pm and 3pm until 10pm. Every day.

Expectations vs. reality of the beach

Even in the winter months, sunbathing in the sun can be an effort.

What are seasons?

Dubai doesn't have seasons. What are season? We have only hot weather, hotter, too hot and THE HOTTEST.

Don't take a wrong turn

Otherwise you'll end up lost between the never ending roads and U-turns and crossings.

Parking in Tecom... Or anywhere, really

Inspired by true events.

When it rains in Dubai

Because rain is such a rare sight to see here.

Speaking of rain...

Where is it this year?