Top 5 Things to Do at Dubai's Museum of the Future |

Top 5 Things to Do at Dubai's Museum of the Future

Whether you’re looking to entertain your family or simply beat the heat, the Museum of the Future has you covered

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7 July 2022

Last updated on 12 July 2022


From trying out futuristic technology to visiting a replica space station...

Hard to miss, the Museum of the Future is in the heart of Dubai’s Future District, offering entertainment, education and a glimpse into the future for you and your whole family.

Here is a list of five things you can do at the Museum of the Future, the emirate's latest family-friendly destination.

1. Visit outer space

Take your day out in Dubai to new heights by visiting a space station.

Blast off in the Falcon Space Capsule to the Orbital Space Station (OSS) Hope on an odyssey of exploration. Get a good feel of humanity’s home in outer space and become part of our community. Onboard OSS Hope, you can learn more about what life could like on a huge space station in the year 2071.

And the journey doesn’t stop there. Continue your voyage as you return back to Earth, where you can escape to a rainforest in the heart of Dubai.

2. Relax in a new world health and wellbeing

It's always important to take a chance to pause and reflect on ourselves.

The Museum of the Future's Al Waha experience is an opportunity for you to explore yourself and indulge in a world that simulates all your senses. You can embark on a journey centred around health and wellbeing.

Al Waha features a new world of therapies. You can explore feeling therapy, connection therapy, and grounding therapy to refresh and restore the natural balance from within.

If you’re looking to take a piece of the experience home with you, you can even create your own personal perfume, based on your unique personality.

3. Make memories in the future

Described as one of the most beautiful buildings on the planet, it’s no wonder that the Museum of the Future has become a favourite spot to snap selfies.

Get up close and personal with Dubai’s latest architectural marvel on the museum's observation deck.

Another place you’re sure to remember is the Library, a spectacular DNA library of some 2,400 species on display from floor to ceiling.

While at the museum, you can also treat yourself to coffee served by a robot barista.

4. Explore tomorrow's tech before it's actually out

The Tomorrow Today exhibition is not to be missed. Get up close and personal with the products and prototypes set to shape the future of waste management, environment, food security, agriculture, and city planning.

You can experience all this against the backdrop of the museum’s spectacular interior, where flying robots float and glide from up above.

5. Family-friendly edutainment

The museum’s Future Heroes zone is the ultimate learning experience for kids.

Designed for children under the age of 10, Future Heroes encourages young minds to make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them. The floor includes a range of educational and fun activities centred on several future-proof skills including curiousity, creativity, confidence, communication, and collaboration.

The activities encourage children to engage in critical thinking while allowing their imaginations to soar.

Future Heroes offers a combination of open-ended play and focused challenges that require problem solving and collaboration. It borrows the best aspects of video games and applies them to a physical environment.

The Details

  • Opening hours: 10 AM to 6 PM daily
  • Ticket price: AED 145 for 3 years old and above / FREE entry for children under 3 years old
  • Booking: You can book your slot online through

Take note that last entry to the museum is usually at 5 PM. Booking your online slot is recommended.