UAE Residents Felt A Minor Earthquake On Wednesday |

UAE Residents Felt A Minor Earthquake On Wednesday

No damages were reported…

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13 December 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020

Shockingly enough, UAE residents felt minor tremors on Wednesday

The National Centre of Meteorology announced that in fact there was a minor earthquake of magnitude 2.1 was recorded in the UAE.

It was recorded in the East Masafi area at 4:01pm on Wednesday in the country.

Other nince NCM seismic stations – Banah, Shaam, Al Faqah and Al Ain – also recorded some tremors in the UAE on Wednesday.

No damages were reported due to this earthquake in the country, however, some residents did feel a slight tremor in and around those areas.

The National Meteorology Centre is saying that this might have been an after effect of another earthquake near the UAE.

On Tuesday morning at around 6:26 am a major earthquake with a 7.2 magnitude was recorded in the South of the Atlantic Ocean on the Richter scale.

October earthquake

This isn’t the first tremors to be felt by UAE residents…it was back in October that another earthquake was recorded by the NMC.

Residents in the Northern areas of the UAE reported feeling tremors and vibrations after an earthquake was recorded in South Iran.

The NCM, however, assured the UAE residents that the tremors had nothing to do with the Southern Iran earthquake at the time.