The Ultimate Dubai Bucket List: Everything You Should Eat, See and Do |

The Ultimate Dubai Bucket List: Everything You Should Eat, See and Do

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10 July 2017

Last updated on 14 January 2020
The Ultimate Dubai Bucket List: Everything You Should Eat, See and Do
Whether you're living in Dubai, or just coming for a visit, here's 47 must-do things to eat, see and do during your time here... Introducing, the ultimate Dubai bucket list! SEE ALSO: Where to go for a night-time swim in Dubai There's no denying that Dubai is the land of excellence, awesomeness and (sometimes, downright) ridiculousness. After all, there's few places in the world where you can go skiing in the middle of a 45 degrees summer day, or hop into a driverless car to see the sights, or even enjoy a cup of tea in a 7* hotel.

1. Skydive over the world's largest man-made island

With Skydive Dubai, you'll have the chance to jump out of a plane and soar over Palm Jumeirah - providing spectacular views, and brilliant photo memories for you to keep for life.


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2. Awe at the views from the top of the Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is the latest addition to Dubai's best tourist attractions that should be on your must-see and must-do lists while in Dubai... The Dubai Frame was built to capture both Old Dubai and New Dubai, depending on the angle from which you are looking.

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3. Chase the sunrise when cycling at Al Qudra

While the thought of getting up before sunrise might be a difficult one for some, getting out of bed just once to ride along Al Qudra cycle track will most definitely be a memorable start to your day.

4. Take a selfie with the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa

If you don't take a selfie with the world's tallest building, are you even in Dubai?


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5. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the desert

Anyone without a fear of heights MUST try this once in a lifetime experience, as you'll soar across the desert landscape and take in the beautiful, natural beauty and landscape of Dubai and the UAE.

6. Eat a burger made of camel meat

Yep, you read that right - but while chomping on camel meat may be a culinary step too far for some of you, this lean, tender and tasty meat is worth a try. Head to Switch at The Dubai Mall to enjoy your own.

7. Cruise along Dubai Creek on an abra

Hop onto one of the country's most traditional forms of transportation and take in the sights as you cruise along Dubai Creek. We're sure you'll be able to pick up a Cobone voucher too, to help save some fils.

8. Ride the dunes on a desert safari

An absolute must for anybody in Dubai, whether living here or visiting. Feel the weight of the city lift off your shoulders as you snake across the desert sand dunes, witness wildlife in their natural habitats and enjoy the thrill when you go over that huge hump of sand. Save money too with a Cobone voucher before you book your trip!

9. Enjoy one of Dubai's most indulgent brunches, Saffron at Atlantis The Palm

For those of you who like to drink, Saffron brunch at Atlantis The Palm is a must-try experience. Happening every Friday, the restaurant's reputation for indulging is well-known among residents living here. So if you plan on going all-out at brunch, head to Saffron.

10. Tackle your fear of heights at the very top of Burj Khalifa

Get as close to the sky as physically possible in a man-made building by visiting Burj Khalifa's At The Top Sky. You'll have access to floor 148, and will see spectacular views of the entire of Dubai on a clear day. For those of you who don't want to risk those extra twenty floors, there's also the original At The Top attraction on levels 125 and 124 you can enjoy.

11. Stand in awe at the majestic Dubai Fountains

Swoon to the lyrics of Andrea Bocelli's Time to Say Goodbye, or enjoy classic Arabic songs as you watch the water dance, swirl and jump before your very eyes. They're free to watch, so there's no reason why you shouldn't see the fountains in action. Happening every half an hour from 6pm until late, we recommend booking a seat in one of the surrounding restaurants to truly enjoy the experience.

12. See the turtles at a rehabilitation center

Say hi to the lovable sea creatures at the Madinat Jumeirah or Burj Al Arab, thanks to The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project. Learn more about the species, and how you can get involved with the project.

13. Ride over Dubai with a helicopter tour

Book a once in a lifetime experience in a helicopter that soars across Dubai's skies as you enjoy the spectacular views of this young, modern and ambitious city.


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14. Enjoy the natural landscape at Al Qudra Lakes

Head up to the natural Al Qudra lakes that are surrounded by wildlife, natural beauty and acres of land and lakes to enjoy capturing some impressive images. But remember - dogs, barbecues and camping are banned here, so don't get caught on the wrong side of the law if you visit.

15. Celebrate by hiring a luxury yacht

Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Or any other reason to celebrate? There's no better way to make the occasion memorable than with a luxury yacht cruise with your friends and family.

16. Enjoy paddleboarding with a view of Burj Al Arab

If you have the strength - and the balance - we highly recommend trying out paddleboarding... Either in Dubai Marina or around the Burj Al Arab, make sure you have your lotion on and enjoy a day out on the water.


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17. Swim with sharks at the world's largest indoor aquarium, Dubai Aquarium

While it might not be in the wild, diving with the creatures up close and personal in the confines of a large water tank is no doubt thrilling.

18. Go ice-skating in the world's largest mall, The Dubai Mall

Somewhat of a surreal experience, practice your ice-skating skills on the rink located inside of the world's largest mall. It might be reaching highs of 40 degrees outside, but in the comfort of air conditioning, you'll be able to enjoy your time ice-skating without worrying it'll melt.

19. Hit the slopes and ski or snowboard at Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates

There's not many people who can say they've been skiing inside of the world's largest indoor ski slope - in the middle of the desert. Complete with realistic landscaping, chalets and ski lifts, time spent on the slopes at Ski Dubai is no doubt a memory you'll keep forever.

20. Say hi to the penguins at Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates

If you can't ski or snowboard, you can still embrace the artic conditions while saying hi to the resident penguins at Ski Dubai. Surreal to say the least.


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21. Head to the new Dubai Parks and Resorts theme parks

One of Dubai's newest additions is the Dubai Parks and Resorts - complete with different theme parks, a water park and lots of attractions, it's quickly becoming a go-to destination for residents and tourists to enjoy in the cooler months.

22. Let out your inner gamer at Hub Zero

This HUGE indoor gaming attraction is perfect for literally everybody. Whether gamer or not, young or old, everyone can enjoy something on offer that's inside Hub Zero - from karaoke, to simulators, to kid's play areas and shooting games - we've no doubt you'll enjoy a visit here.

23. Enjoy a freezing cold drink or two while wrapped up warm at Chillout Dubai

Wrap up warm with an ice cold drink, surrounded by ice sculptures - in the middle of the desert. Who wouldn't want to try this?

24. Buy yourself something special from a gold ATM

Located in various malls around the city, you can legitimately buy gold straight from an ATM machine. Whether it's a bar, or a necklace, you'll always be able to say you bought that from an ATM in Dubai.

25. Enjoy a night of luxury and entertainment at Dubai Opera

Combine a luxury setting, high-class entertainment, spectacular views, architecture and fashion and you'll find a night at Dubai Opera is a fantastic one.


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26. Learn some history at Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort

Whoever says the UAE has no history are completely WRONG. Instead, you'll learn about and discover the wonderful history and heritage this place has during a visit to this popular attraction.

27. Explore old Dubai in Al Bastakiya

Like the Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort, the area known as Al Bastakiya is a must-visit if you want to get away from the bustle of the big city. Immerse youself in the culture and heritage of Dubai, and discover the traditional style of life this place is built on.

28. Join in full moon desert drumming under the stars

You might have seen Dubai Drums perform at our Festive Family Fair over recent years, and now you can join them in the middle of the desert, under the stars and full moon, for a unique experience like no other.

29. Relax and unwind on a dhow cruise

Grab a Cobone voucher and enjoy a cruise on a traditional dhow boat that are recognisable in the waters of Dubai. Many provide dinner and entertainment, which all make a fantastic experience for you to enjoy.

30. Rent a super car

If there's one thing Dubai is known for, it's the abundance of luxury super cars available here and commonly seen on the roads. Rent one for yourself for a thrill you'll remember forever.

31. Let loose at one of Dubai's super clubs

Clubs like White Dubai and BASE Dubai - where the venues are SO huge - are a must try for anyone seeking a memorable night out with their friends.

32. Take in the flora and fauna at Dubai Miracle Gardens

Arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the city, Dubai Miracle Gardens is a wonderful place to visit when the weather is cooler. You'll find flower after flower after flower as you explore this wonderful, colourful attraction.

33. Go back to your childhood at BOUNCE

Hit the trampolines at BOUNCE in Al Quoz, a huge indoor trampolining venue that everybody highly recommends.

34. Truly spoil yourself with a 24 carat gold facial

Sure, it might be difficult to justify spending a bit more on a facial you probably don't really need - but what's the harm in treating yourself just that once?

35. Take a ride in the sea... Inside of a shark!

It's not a real shark, obviously, but it is something called a seabreacher, which is an advanced submersive watercraft. It's agile, quick and can jump out of the water. Not for the faint hearted!

It's not a real shark, obviously, but it is something called a seabreacher, which is an advanced submersive watercraft. It's agile, quick and can jump out of the water. Not for the faint hearted!

36. Enjoy your dinner high up in the sky

For those of you who don't have a fear of heights, and want to enjoy a meal in a completely different setting - try Dinner in the Sky. The aerial dining experience is available in Dubai Marina. Hold on to your phones tightly!

37. Zipline over Dubai Fountains and past Burj Khalifa

For AED 600, you can fling yourself over the edge of a building attached to a zipline and fly high over the Dubai Fountains thanks to XDubai. Why not?


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38. Embrace your inner super hero while flyboarding

Perhaps those of you with unfortunate balance should avoid this one; but if you're confident, we urge you to try this new extreme watersport when you have the chance for some memorable thrills.

39. Head to Global Village and discover the Middle East

Global Village is an attraction that everybody should visit at least once. Open during the cooler months each year (Nov - Apr) the place offers an array of exciting festivals, rides, attractions and shopping opportunities.

40. Enjoy a night-time swim at the beach

There's one spot in Dubai - at Umm Suqeim 1 - where beach goers can enjoy a cooling, night-time swim. It's open from 12am each night, and the spot is just a kilometre away from the Burj Al Arab, providing great views.

41. Ride a camel... And don't fall off

Readily available on every desert safari, tourist operator, at the beach or in the desert... Everyone should try riding a camel at least once.

42. Have a henna tattoo done for a special occasion, or just for the sake of it

A popular beauty trend to adopt during public and religious holidays in Dubai, getting a henna tattoo is a sort of right of passage for anyone in Dubai. Even if you have no reason or special occasion, having some henna done is always a beautiful and lovely experience.

43. Hop into driverlass cars and see the sights

These electricity-powered pods on wheels are 100% environmentally friendly, and are the perfect mode of transport to explore DWTC and Mohammad bin Rashid Boulevard.


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44. Enjoy a walk along the Dubai Water Canal

Take a stroll along the latest addition to Dubai's landscape, the Dubai Water Canal. Stretching 3.2 kilometres, the canal links Business Bay and Ras Al Khor to the Arabian Gulf.

45. Say hi to the sloth at Green Planet in City Walk

Located in City Walk, this impressive enclosed ecosystem will delight both children and adults as they explore inside the bio-dome. There's flora and fauna, an immersive expedition into the tropics plus over 3,000 plants and animals. Not only that - you'll have chance to see the world's largest (what else?) indoor, man-made, life-sustaining tree.

46. Get lost between the shelves at the Antique Museum

This warehouse in Al Quoz is FILLED with the largest collection of gifts and souvenirs you'll ever find in Dubai. And is most definitely worth a trip for a little splurge or to simply get lost between all of the beautiful things on the shelves. You won't be surprised to find everything here, we promise you.

47. And lastly... Go on a HUGE splurge!

On the other end of the spectrum in terms of shopping are the variety of large malls in Dubai. From The Dubai Mall, to Mall of the Emirates, to Ibn Battuta, to Dubai Marina Mall - just to name a few - there's plenty of opportunity to splurge your savings on some new clothes, shoes or homeware or more.

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