Video: Rare Footage of Orcas Off the UAE's Coast |

Video: Rare Footage of Orcas Off the UAE's Coast

A group of divers were treated to a once in a lifetime experience when they were joined with two orcas in the UAE's waters

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9 April 2017

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Video: Rare Footage of Orcas Off the UAE's Coast

It's extremely rare that anyone gets the opportunity to witness orcas in their natural habitat. 

But a lucky group of divers swimming near the Musandam Peninsula this week were able to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity


While swimming just off the cost of the UAE, the group spotted two orcas emerging from the water, who then decided to join the group for a swim themselves. 

The video was shared by Kirsty Hill, who was on a diving trip with the Dibba-based Nomad Ocean Adventures. The group were near Limah on the Musandam Peninsla, when the whales joined them. 

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See for yourself - you can watch the fantastic footage, and sit in envy of the divers who were able to experience it, here:

Indeed, orcas in the waters around the United Arab Emirates is very rare, but it has happened before. 

Back in 2015, this video captured by Ahmed Al Qemzi was shared... It shows two orcas in the vicinity of Sadar Channel, near Ras Gharab island in Abu Dhabi: 

As well as back in 2011, when a group who took a fishing trip offshore in Abu Dhabi captured the incredible footage in this video: