WATCH: An Amazing Stunt Video Was Made To Countdown Dubai Expo 2020 |

WATCH: An Amazing Stunt Video Was Made To Countdown Dubai Expo 2020

Prepare your nerves because you’re about to get a whole lot of adrenaline!

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23 October 2018

Last updated on 14 January 2020
Screengrab Youtube: XDubai Expo2020 Stunt Video

With only two more years to go, Dubai released an amazing video to countdown the remaining years

Everyone living in Dubai has already heard about Expo 2020 and all the great things the city is doing in preparation for the trading exhibition.

Ever since 2013, Dubai has been in full-gear to prepare for the country’s most historic event to come – Dubai won the right to host the Expo 2020 back in 2013 when it outbid Russia with 116 votes in favour.

And with 5 years down the line and only 2 years more to go, Dubai has been preparing the public and reminding them that the best is yet to come in celebration for this huge event.

Dubai already set up an amazing light show at the Burj Park, which was free for all residents in Dubai last week – residents witnessed an amazing light show featuring the one and only Burj Khalifa and the mesmerizing choreography of the Dubai Fountain as well.

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Another goodie released over the weekend for residents in Dubai and tourists from around the world was a stunt video dedicated to the Expo 2020 – packed with courageous stuntmen making their way around Dubai’s skies, roads and the actual Expo 2020 location.

The one-minute video features all of Dubai’s best-trained daredevils who are seen flying through the Dubai Frame, engaging in parkour in Dubai locations and finally racing around the Expo 2020 site.

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Expo 2020’s team, with the help of XDubai, was able to release this gut-clenching video filled with gravity-defying stunts.

Caution: make sure you prepare your nerves because they’re about to be all over the place!

About the Expo 2020

Dubai won the ability to host the Expo 2020 back in 2013 when 164 nations had to vote for a nominated country – Dubai won with 116 votes.

Expo 2020 is a mega trade fair that will be held in Dubai for SIX months – from October 20, 2020 till April 10, 2021.

Located near Al Maktoum International Airport, the 438-hectare site in Dubai will be open to all of the UAE and will host millions of tourists in the emirate.

Expo 2020 is said to increase the country’s economy by $40billion and expand tourism by at least 25 million people each year.