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5 Police Services In Dubai That Are Only Available Online

You will pay an additional AED 100 to have these done at the police station

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8 October 2017

Last updated on 8 October 2017
5 Police Services In Dubai That Are Only Available Online

Dubai is known as a very tech savvy emirate and it is yet again proven with 5 police services moving online as of October 1st, 2017. This is another initiative from the Dubai Police to make using their services easier, save your time and free up their time to focus on keeping the city safe.

You can still avail these services at a police station, but the officer will only assist you in applying for it online and charge you an additional fee of AED 100.

These services are only available via the Dubai Police app, website or smart services:

1. Clearance service for individuals and companies

The application for a Good Conduct certificate for individuals and companies is now only available online. The clearance certificate will cost you AED 70

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2. Night work permit

This is only a temporary permit and is valid for commercial shops, companies, banks and shopping centres. The work permit costs AED 120.

3. Replacement of lost traffic accident report

If you need an extra copy of a traffic report, or lost your copy, replacing it is now only a few simple clicks away and will cost you AED 120.

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4. ‘To whomever it may concern’ certificate

This service is now available 24/7 and will take you only 5 minutes on one of the online platforms to complete.

5. Lost documents certificate

Lost your documents? Follow suit of thousands of other UAE residents and simply request it online. This is however not valid for lost passports. This service costs AED 70.

A smart police service centre has also opened up in City Walk in addition to these services moving online. The smart police service centre is open 24/7 and offer 27 key services and an additional 33 sub-services.