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Your guide to living in Ajman, from the accommodation, what's life like for expats, schools, hospitals, things to do, and more

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16 June 2013

Last updated on 12 March 2020
Guide to Living in Ajman

Find out all about living in Ajman...

Away from the hustle and bustle of the larger Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is the smallest Emirate in the country.

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We've compiled your handy guide to Ajman and what's life like for expats living and working there.

Where is Ajman in the UAE?

Ajman is located in the middle of the Emirates as a whole. It borders Sharjah and is only 10 km away from Dubai in the south and Umm Al Quwain in the north. Many roads lead to and from Ajman from both Sharjah, Dubai, and Umm al Quwain including Emirates Road.

Ajman has an area of just 260 square km and is the smallest Emirate by area. Approximately 95% of the population of this tiny Emirate resides in the city of Ajman.

The population was only 36,000 in 1980 but grew considerably in recent years, due to an influx of people from the neighbouring Emirates of Dubai and Sharjah. Ajman city is the capital of the Emirate and lies down at a small creek of 16 km. length to the North East of Sharjah.

Ajman is near to the ports of neighboring Emirates. It is near the international airports of both Sharjah and Dubai.

If you are planning to stay there and use it as a base to commute to Dubai there are usually traffic jams at rush hours.

What's the weather like in Ajman

Expect to enjoy the sunshine and blue sky all throughout the year with a moderate temperature (10°C to 20°C ) during wintertime in Ajman.

While summer is quietly hot and dry especially in the months of July and August (35°C to 42°C ), Ajman provides various locations and set of activities that best suit the weather conditions.

During hot seasons, you may find it a good chance to tan on sandy beaches, shopping or visiting historical landmarks, whereas you can enjoy festivals, public parks, fishing and more during the winter.

Dress code in Ajman

Ajman is generally conservative but tolerant when it comes to the dress code.

The attitude to dress is relaxed, but UAE residents and visitors are advised not to wear excessively revealing clothing in public places customs. Respectful clothing amounts to knees and shoulders being covered and not transparent. This also applies to public beaches in Ajman, where swimmers should avoid excessively revealing swimming suits.

As for the weather requirements, lightweight summer clothing is suitable for most of the year (March till December), though a light sweater or cardigan could be handy when visiting a shopping mall, hotel or restaurant where the temperature might be kept too low to counter the outdoor heat.

Slightly warm clothes are needed for the short winter season, especially in the evening.

List of schools in Ajman

Schools in Ajman

Nurseries and early learning schools in Ajman

Wonderkids Nursery

Schools in Ajman

Ajman Intermediate English School

Ajman Intermediate English School was established on 1 March 1987, a year after the opening of Little Flower Nursery School in order to meet the growing public demand for quality education. To start with, classes I-III were introduced. Now we have classes up to Grade X and have separate sections for boys and girls. Our present strength is 1050.

The school is recognized by the UAE Ministry of Education and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education in India. The school follows the syllabus prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) from Grade 1 to 10.

Al Ameer English School

Al Ameer English School, Ajman was set up in the year 1991. Al Ameer English School had humble inception in some villas in Rumaila, Ajman.

The school was moved to the present premises in the year 2004. The school is now functioning in a spacious campus, it is a haven of peace and provides a wonderful atmosphere for children to study and grow up. The school has expanded and grown enormously into a full-fledged educational institution with singular blocks for KG, Primary and Secondary sections and it has separate blocks for girls and boys.

Ajman Academy

The school opened its doors in September 2012 to students from Kindergarten through to Year 6. Highly experienced teachers from around the world will instruct our children. We offer the student body an enriched international programme of study focusing upon holistic mother-tongue language development and support. As the School evolves to offer secondary years, authorisation for a full international education continuum will be secured in due course. Ajman Academy follows the IB curriculum.

As Sharjah is very close, expats residing in Ajman also send their children to schools in Sharjah.

Things to see and do in Ajman

Ajman Museum

An old fort in the central square. Built in the late 16th century it has served as the UAE rulers' palace. In the 1970s it was put under usage as a police station. This fort was the stronghold of the Presidency (leadership – Za’ama) representing the political authority in the Emirate and the first line of its defense.

This historical landmark stands tall as a record of the exploits of ancestors and their immortal heritage, and thanks to a generous gesture of HH Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and ruler of Ajman, he gifted this fort to the people of the United Arab Emirates by converting it into a fully-fledged museum displaying models of antiquities and traditional industries and artefacts as well as images portraying the way of life in the past.

  • Location: Museum roundabout
  • Phone: 06 7423824
  • Price: Adult/child/student AED 4/2/1 respectively
  • Hours: 9 am to 1 pm & 5 pm to 8 pm (Sunday - Thursday); 5 pm to 8 pm (Friday)
Ajman Museum

Ajman Stud

Home of some of the finest Arabian horses in the World. The passion and dedication of Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, brought this farm to the highest standards in only a few years.

Founded in 2002, Ajman Stud is a prime equestrian facility, built in the traditional Arabic style, surrounded by desert dunes, some 30 kilometers from the city of Ajman. Ajman Stud is not only a breeding farm, it is an oasis in the desert, a paradise surrounded by dunes.

They also organise an annual horse show.

Al Masfout Area

Located around 110 km southeast of Ajman and the city of Masfout are the areas of Muzera’a and Sabgha. The inhabitants are descendants of prominent tribes like the Badwat and Bani Ka’ab.

The area is famous for its agriculture farming where the soil is fertile and the valleys are wide and the climate is moderate, making the area a prime attraction centre for tourists.

The area is also known for its scenic beauty with its high rise mountains such as Defta, Lyshen and White mountains.

The area is composed of fascinating scenery mainly calcium stone mountains extending to the Sultanate of Oman. Across these mountains are valleys with high fertile arable soil & running water during winter as well as summer. There are valleys like Leshn, Gulfa, Leem, Defdhaa, Al Khanfareyah, Al Swamer, and Hadf valley. Because of these valleys, the area is considered to be an agricultural hotspot in the region.

The Village Mosque

Masfout is home to the “Bin Sultan” mosque which was built, in 1815, from palm tree fronds and red clay and was the village’s only mosque. Currently many mosques operate from Masfout as part of the expansion in construction across the village.

Furthermore, Masfout is also famous for the production of honey and it used to be abundant in the mountains according to the seasons you would find different types such as Al Birm, Al Yebyab, Grass and fruit extracted honey. A lot of care is directed to these beehives that are still operating today.

The Red Fort

In 1986, following instructions from HH Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, a complete restoration of the fort was completed and a third tower was added to the two older towers. Gravel and red plaster were used in the construction of the walls of the fort and hence it was named the red fort.

Sandalwood was used in the beams and supports for the construction of the roofs. The fort is completely surrounded by trees from all directions and a well is located close to the fort that was used in drinking water extracted from it using the (Yazera) technique which consisted of ropes, attached from one end to long wooden poles with a bucket suspended from the other side, to collect water from the well. An ox is believed to be used in pulling the bucket out of the well and emptying it into pre-built pipes that were used in drinking and irrigation.

The main components of the (Yazera) include al Manyor, the bucket, al Rasha, al mars, Subi, Musa’ed, Zelwal, and Barad.

Hassa Buweid (White Stones) Castle

This castle represents another legacy in the historical heritage of the Emirate of Ajman as Hassa Buweid is still present today since it was built by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi in 1976 on top of a gravel and stones hill called “Hassa Buweid”, in reference to its white colour stones.

Al Mareer Fort

This fort was built at the time of the late Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, and it features a yard overlooking seven large rooms and a well, used in drinking water, in addition to a guard’s tower.

The fort was surrounded by palm trees irrigated by the old Al Manama Falaj that emanates from mountain tops relying on water supplied by rainfall.

Falaj are man-made water channels dug deep in the ground or on its surface, and this underground water system originates from a water source, or well, called the Mother of Falaj. Ideally located in mountainous areas and valleys where high underground water levels were used to irrigate farms.

Beaches and parks in Ajman

Beaches in Ajman

Ajman Beach is always a nice place to spend the day in with the warm sun, white sands, and clear waters. Dolphin spotting is also a recreation activity enjoyed in the Emirate. The beach at the Kempinsky Hotel is also lovely with palms on the beach making it a really pleasant location.

Parks in Ajman

Al Jarf Public Garden

  • Location: Al Jarf.
  • Working hours: 4 pm to 9 pm daily.
  • Services: Cafeteria, facility management, toilets, car parks, and a mosque.
  • Games: Various games are on offer, all free of charge and suitable to the age groups of the visitors.

Al Hamediya Public Park

  • Location: Al Hamediya area.
  • Working hours: 10 am to 10 pm during weekdays; 10 am to 12 pm during official holidays and weekends. Thursdays to Saturdays are days reserved only to families, other days of the week are dedicated to the general public.
  • Services: Cafeteria, facility management, toilets, car parks, handball and volleyball courts, dedicated barbecue areas, and a mosque.
  • Games: Various games are on offer, all free of charge and suitable to the age groups of the visitors. Bicycles and motorcycles are also available for rent at the park.
Ajman beaches

Al Rashidiya Park (for women and children only)

  • Location: Al Rashidiya
  • Working hours: 4 pm to 9 pm daily.
  • Services: Cafeteria, facility management, toilets, car parks, and a mosque.
  • Games: Various games are on offer, all free of charge and suitable to the age groups of the visitors.

Mushref Park Ajman (for women and children only)

  • Location: Mushiref
  • Working hours: 4pm to 9 pm daily.
  • Services: cafeteria, facility management, toilets, car parks, and a mosque.
  • Games: Various games are on offer, all free of charge and suitable to the age groups of the visitors.

Ajman Fish Market

A great place to see fisherman bring out the fresh catch and watch the middlemen auction them to the shopkeepers. It’s possible to buy fish and get it cooked right there in the fish market or across the street.

Healthcare in Ajman

Hospitals in Ajman

There are lots of speciality clinics in Ajman. Ibin Sina Medical Centre is affordable and has most of the specialities. The doctors' fee ranges from AED 50 to 100. Diagnostic services are also available. GMC Hospital is open 24 hours for emergencies. Sheikh Khalifa Hospital is a public hospital with an emergency department.

Ibin Sina Hospital

Founded by Dr. Abdul Gafoor in the year 1998 in Ajman, the Ibin Sina Medical Centre now deservedly prides itself as the prime centre of care and cure attracting all sort of patients far and wide. Situated at Al-Quds Street in Ajman, the Medical Centre offers the services of highly skilled and experienced Medical and Dental doctors in all specialities seven days a week.

State-of-the-art imaging & laboratory divisions and the full-fledged physiotherapy department at the centre augment the quality of patient management more effectively to the full satisfaction of scores of patients daily saving much time and money.

The Ibin Sina Medical Centre offers various exclusive healthcare packages for newborns to adults including wellness check-ups and School Health packages.

GMC Hospital

Ajman's first-ever private hospital, the GMC Hospital has special schemes to provide affordable medical care to all sections of society.

Services Include:

  • Wide-ranging tertiary care services
  • Separate IP and OPD blocks
  • Private rooms & deluxe Facilities
  • Full range of laboratory diagnosis
  • Diagnostic imaging & services
  • 24 Hour emergency
  • ICU- CCU and Labour Rooms
  • Daycare facility
  • New generation medical electronics
  • Traditional architecture with modern facilities
  • Doctor on call facility

Pharmacies in Ajman

Emirates Pharmacy

Opposite Kuwaiti Hospital, Ajman U.A.E.
Tel : 06 7474900

Al Khaleej Pharmacy

Al Quds Road, Near Ibin Sina Medical Centre, Ajman U.A.E.
Tel : 06 7444189

Al Shifa Pharmacy

New Industrial Area, Al Zahra, Ajman U.A.E.
Tel : 06 7481477

Shopping in Ajman

Ajman City Centre

Conveniently located on Sheikh Zayed Street and just off Emirates Road, Ajman City Centre is the largest shopping mall in Ajman. The Centre offers customers a combined shopping and entertainment experience close to home. It originally opened in December 1998 with 46 stores and has since added a further 22 stores.

Ajman City Centre houses a 6-screen CineStar cinema, 16 multi-cuisine restaurants and food outlets and Magic Planet – the ever-popular entertainment destination for families. It has a large Carrefour supermarket which is great for the weekly shop.

Hamdan Centre

Offers great retail and dining options.

Safeer Mall

Shopping Mall with brands like Carrefour, Damas, Silverline, Hang Ten, Rivoli, Swiss Arabian Perfumes, Jacky's, Telephonika, Raymond, Nayomi, Mikyajy, Al Sayegh, Better Life, Sheetal, Cellucom and Sun & Sand Sports along with a Food Court and family entertainment options.