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Doctors, Engineers and Students Can Now Apply for 10 Year UAE Visa

Physicians, engineers, programmers, computer science professionals, and high-achieving students are now eligible for the 10-year UAE residency visa.

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15 November 2020

Last updated on 17 November 2020
Doctors, Engineers, and Students Can Now Apply for the UAE 10-Year Gold Visa

Students can also apply for themselves and their family if the pupil has a 3.8 GPA

The UAE has applied some new changes to its 10-year residency visa system, expanding the eligibility pool to attract foreign professionals and encourage the brightest students in the country to explore their careers locally.

The original UAE Gold Card scheme was introduced last year, allowing top investors, wealthy executives, business owners and scientists who earned at least AED 30,000 per month to settle in the Emirates for longer.

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On Sunday, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, shared the news on Twitter, adding that it will come into effect from December.

He said: "UAE Golden Visa will also include UAE-based physicians as well as engineers in the fields of computer science, electronics, programming, electricity and biotechnology."

"We want to keep those who are talented here so we can continue together our journey of development and achievement," HH Sheikh Mohammed continued.

Who can apply for the UAE golden visa?

The following groups of people, whether based in the UAE or abroad, can now qualify for the long-term golden visa:

  • Medical doctors
  • Scientists, data experts, all PhD holders (can have a background in computer and electrical engineering, biotech, AI, programming, etc.)
  • High school graduates with top marks (they can also apply with their families)
  • University graduates with at least a 3.8 GPA score

The 10-year UAE residency visa enables foreigners in the UAE to live, work and study in the country while providing a peace of mind about their stay.

Automatic renewable is also available.

Where to apply for the 10 year visa

If you are sure of your eligibility, you can apply through the official government portal, here: https://business.goldenvisa.ae/

How to apply for the 10 year visa

  • 1. Start by applying for the UAE golden visa nomination online. Your application will be reviewed within 30 days and you will receive an email notifying you of the result.
  • 2. Once approved, upload the required documents.
  • 3. Your application and documents will be verified by the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.
  • 4. Receive your visa.