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Dubai Bus Guide

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5 November 2014

Last updated on 24 July 2019
Dubai Bus Guide

Using Dubai's Buses

The Dubai bus fleet is made up of over 1500 buses across the city, and their operations cover over 85% of Dubai's urban districts, so you'll never find yourself stuck in the city!

Dubai Bus

The buses operate on over 26 Dubai Metro Feeder routes out if the 92 inner routes that cover the 85% of Dubai's urban districts, and the entire bus fleet is cutting over 93,596,065 kilometers. The bus fleet is made up of top quality, custom-built buses that are equipped with comfortable seating with dedicated ones for ladies and children, those with disabilities and the elderly. They are all air-conditioned, and come with special needs facilities. And they even have their own snazzy electronically operated destination display and computerised fare equipment. 

Services are of course adjusted on Fridays and public holidays in relation to passenger demand on these days. The RTA have published important information and instructions for those who use the Dubai Bus regularly: 

  • While waiting at a bus stop, stay out of the bus stopping area and signal the bus to stop correctly.
  • Stay away from bus doors until the driver opens them to allow you on board.
  • Passengers must always travel with a valid ticket or pass.
  • The three rows at the front of the bus are reserved for female passengers only.
  • Do not engage in conversation or argument with the bus driver.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke on the bus.
  • Do not litter or spit through bus windows.
  • Do not vandalise.
  • Bulky luggage or dangerous materials and animals are not allowed onboard.
  • Do not play loud music or a musical instrument that may prove annoying to fellow passengers.
  • Do not place luggage in the gangway.
  • You cannot distribute leaflets, brochures, books or what not on the bus.
  • Do not beg or solicit favours.
  • If you wish to exit the bus, press the stop bells and wait until the driver has completely stopped.
  • Do not use the emergency door unless permitted by the bus driver. 

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While travelling on Dubai Bus, you may use your NOL card - the electronic smart card that enables you to pay for the use of all RTA transport modes in Dubai with a single card. You can buy these or top your existing one up at all main bus stations found at the following locations:
  • Al Satwa Bus Station
  • Al Ghubaiba Bus Station
  • Gold Souq Bus Station
  • Al Rashidiya Bus Station

All bus stations come with air conditioned waiting areas for bus users, and areas dedicated to women, children and those with disabilities. You can find a cafeteria and vending machines for hot and cold beverages. All stations have customer service centres for enquiries and selling tickets, as well as machines for renewing and topping up NOL cards. Prayer rooms for gentlemen and ladies are available, and you can find parking spaces for taxis and others for bicycles. 

For more information you can visit the RTA website here

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