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Dubai Duty Free Allowances

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16 June 2013

Last updated on 1 July 2015

 Dubai Duty Free Allowances

Heading somewhere else in the world soon? We've got the list of what you can take out to different countries. 

Australia has ammended it's duty free allowances. Passangers are now allowed to bring in only 50 cigarettes or 50g of tabacco and 2,250ml of spirits.

We've got a handy chart here for you of the duty free allowances to various countries. Dubai Airports have great Duty Free shops on arrival and are very reasonably priced a carton of 200 cigarettes costs approx 60 AED and a bottle of wine approx 40 AED. So don't buy in your home country if it is going to be cheaper on arrival here in Dubai. You can bring in 4 litres of alcohol per person.

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