Dubai School Holidays: A Complete Guide to the Academic Calendar in the UAE |

Dubai School Holidays: A Complete Guide to the Academic Calendar in the UAE

Here are all the dates you need for school holidays and term times in Dubai

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6 January 2014

Last updated on 25 July 2019
Dubai School Holidays and Term Times

We have scoured the websites of the different schools to give you all the up-to-date information on the different school holidays. Click on anyone of the anchors below to find the holiday dates of your preferred school.

The UAE Cabinet has approved the school calendar for the next three years, it has been confirmed. This change will give universities and schools the chance to unify their examinations. The aim is to ensure students across the UAE will be taking their examinations at the same time and date, regardless of being in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The new dates are as follows:

Academic Year 15/16
Academic Year 16/17 Academic Year 17/18
Begins: August 30th, 2015 Begins: August 28th, 2016 Begins: September 10th, 2017
Staff begin: August 23rd, 2015 Staff begin: August 21st, 2016 Staff begin: September 3rd, 2017
Winter holiday: 3 weeks
Starts on December 20th, 2015
Winter holiday: 3 weeks
Starts on December 18th, 2016
Winter holiday: 3 weeks
Starts on December 17th, 2017
Schools reopen: January 10th, 2016 Schools reopen: January 8th, 2017 Schools reopen: January 7th, 2018
Spring vacation: 2 weeks
Starts on March 27th, 2016
Spring vacation: 2 weeks
Starts on March 26th, 2017
Spring vacation: 2 weeks
Starts on March 25th, 2018
School reopen: April 10th, 2016 School reopen: April 9th, 2017 School reopen: April 8th, 2018
Year ends: June 23rd, 2016 Year ends: June 22nd, 2017 Year ends: June 28th, 2018
Staff finish: July 5th, 2016 Staff finish: July 6th, 2017 Staff finish: July 5th, 2018

For Indian, Pakistani and Japanese curriculum schools, the academic year is from April to March. For all other curricula, as mentioned above, it begins in September and ends in June or July. 

Addition to the above information from KHDA, we've gathered a list of all the Dubai schools and links to their academic calendars for your use here, as well as the official KHDA public holidays. Please use our alphabetised contents to help find the school you're looking for:

A - C | D - F | G - I | J - L | M - O | P - R | S - U | V - Z

A - C
Al Ameen Private School | Al Diyafah High School | Al Noor Centre for Children with Special Needs | Al Mawakeb School | Al Mizhar American Academy | Al Sadiq Islamic English School | Al Salam Private SchoolAmerican School of Dubai | Arab Unity SchoolBilva Indian School | Bradenton Preparatory Academy Dubai | Cambridge International School Dubai | Capital School Dubai | The Children's Garden | The City School International DubaiClarion School | Collegiate American School | Credence High School |  | The International School of Choueifat 

D - F
Deira International School | Deira Private School | Dovecote Green Primary School | Dubai American Academy | Dubai British School | Dubai British Foundation | Dubai Centre for Special Needs | Dubai College | Dubai English Speaking School | Dubai English Speaking College | Dubai International Academy | Durham International School | Emirates English Speaking School | Emirates International School | English College Dubai | Foremarke School

G - I
GEMS FirstPoint School | GEMS Metropole School | GEMS The Millenium School | GEMS Modern Academy | GEMS Royal Dubai SchoolGEMS Wellington Academy | GEMS World Academy | German International School Dubai | Greenfield Community School | Hartland International School | Horizon School Dubai | Horizon International School | Indian High School | International Concept for Education (ICE) 

J - L
Japanese School Dubai | Jebel Ali Primary School |  Jumeira Baccalaureate School | Jumeirah College | Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) | Jumeirah Primary School | K12 International Academy | Kent College Dubai | Kings School Dubai | Lycee Francais International Dubai |Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou | Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive

M - O
Nord Anglia International School | North American International SchoolOntario International Canadian School | The Oxford School

P - R
Queen International SchoolRaffles International School | Raffles World Academy | Regent International School | Repton School Dubai | Royal School Dubai | Russian School Dubai

S - U
Sabari Indian School | The Sheffield Private SchoolSafa British School | Safa Community School | Springdales School Dubai | St. Mary's Catholic High SchoolStar International School | Universal American School | Uptown School 

V - Z
Victory Heights Primary School | GEMS Wellington International School |  GEMS Wellington Primary School | GEMS The Westminster School

*Last updated on March 2016. All Islamic Holidays are subject to change as per Lunar Calendar.