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13 August 2014

Last updated on 26 December 2017


Are you an #ExpatWoman? 

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Plus, if you ever find yourself at one of our ExpatWoman events, we'd love it if you would use the hashtag to share your experience. But if you're not familiar with using a hashtag - never fear! We'll help you out. 

On Instagram, if you use the #ExpatWoman, you may be "regrammed" onto our page, as such:


Simply load your amazingly beautiful image onto Instagram, use whatever effects or filters you fancy, make sure to put #ExpatWoman in your description, and et voilà! We'll 'regram' you!

For Twitter, join in the conversation using #ExpatWoman. Share your thoughts, tips and what you're up to with us! If you have a question, want to keep us updated about something or just want a general chit chat, don't hesitate. 

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