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Explained: Are Dogs Allowed Inside Dubai's Shopping Malls?

While not all malls in Dubai are dog-friendly, there are a few locations that welcome shoppers and their pets

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15 May 2024

Last updated on 15 May 2024
Are dogs allowed inside Dubai shopping malls and centres

Are you a dog owner living in Dubai with your pet? You'll want to read this.

Shopping in Dubai is arguably one of the favourite past-times of UAE residents.

For the percentage of the population who owns pets, you may be curious to know whether you can bring your furry companion with you the next time you're hitting one of Dubai's vast shopping centres.

The bad news? Your options are limited.

Are dogs allowed inside Dubai malls and shopping centres?

Dogs and other types of pets in general are prohibited to be brought inside most of Dubai's malls and shopping centres, with the exception of a few locations.

Pet owners who are interested in bringing their dogs outside along with them, must consider pet-friendly restaurants, cafes, and other locations in Dubai.

Which Dubai malls allow pets?

As of the time of publishing, there are only a few Dubai shopping centres that permits pets.

1. Golden Mile Galleria Mall Palm Jumeirah

The Golden Mile Galleria Mall located in Palm Jumeirah is a pet-friendly and inclusive shopping centre that welcomes dogs.

2. City Walk (outdoor area)

The outdoor fountain area at City Walk allows pet owners to bring their dogs in the open-air area, where you'll find a selection of restaurants, cafes, shops, and leisure facilities.

Dog owners may be able to dine with their pets in the outdoor seating areas, however we recommend checking with the restaurant first as each dining spot's policies are different.

Residents at City Walk are allowed to keep pets in accordance with the guidelines set by their community's management, and bring their dogs outside on walks in the neighbourhood.