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Furniture Shopping In Dubai

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19 January 2014

Last updated on 25 May 2016

Buying Furniture

Moving to a different country can be daunting especially if it is a country like the UAE, completely different to what some nationalities have become accustomed to.

The important thing to keep in mind about Dubai is that it has similar amenities and facilities as the rest of the world and the choice of shopping here is wide with ample options.

Relocating can be stressful with the worry of moving home and pets, dealing with the properties in your home country, relocating the children’s schools and getting to grips with the different cultural journey that you are about to undertake. One thing that should be on the list of relocation priorities is furniture. There are a vast number of furniture shops ranging from budget to specialty and everything else in between.

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Furthermore many departing expats tend to sell their second hand furniture at a reduced rate when they leave the country. Have a look at our ExpatWoman Classifieds section for prices of second hand furniture items. You can also check out second had reseller stores like Cash Converters

If you own some exquisite pieces of furniture that you simply cannot live without then bring them to the UAE, please take into account the risk of damage that they might incur during travel. However if you have some shelves or suchlike furniture from the likes of IKEA it’s best to be left at home as there are IKEA stores spread throughout the Emirates and they are very competitively priced. Most homes in the UAE already have fitted wardrobes, so it is mostly unnecessary to purchase those.

If you choose to purchase specialty furniture there are plenty of stores that cater to that as well as carpentry and designing unique pieces for clients. You can buy pieces at furniture shops, lifestyle stores and even big hypermarkets sell low cost tables, chairs, beds and shelves.

Here is a loosely compiled price guide for necessary furniture; these are the average prices that an expat would pay for furniture, not designer or specialty prices.
  • Lounge Suite (three piece) AED 5000-8000
  • Coffee table AED 200-1000
  • TV Stand AED 400-2000
  • Dining room table and chairs (6 persons) AED 1500-2500
  • King sized bedroom set (4 pieces) AED 4000
  • Children’s bedroom set (4 pieces) AED 2000
  • Office Table AED 800-1500
  • Desk AED 200-800
  • Book shelf AED 200-800
  • Leather office chair AED 500-1000

The total cost of basic furniture for a two bedroom flat would be around AED20 000, prices vary and this list was made using average prices of furniture, one could find much lower and much higher prices of furniture.

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