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Gas Bottles For Barbeques In Dubai

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7 January 2013

Last updated on 1 July 2015

Barbecue Gas Bottles Dubai

The gas used for cooking on barbecues in Dubai is different to the gas you use for your oven.

It's called Propane gas and is not available from the normal gas vans you see driving around. It is only available from one company based in Karama called Lahej & Sultan Gas Distribution.

You can buy the empty bottles, regulators and pipe from ACE Hardware if you do not have them supplied with your barbeque. Some people have tried using the orange gas bottles but the regulators are different and the LPG gas does not cook as well as the propane. If you buy your Bar B Q from ACE they may be able to sort out the gas bottle for you but it will take a couple of days for the bottle to be filled- don't expect to buy and be grilling that night!

You have to take the empty grey bottle yourself to Lahej in Karama, it is near the large post office. They will take it from you and send it away to be filled- this takes approx 48 hours. The Propane gas bottles are not allowed to be transported and delivered on trucks like the orange gas bottles- so you will then have to go to another location to pick up the filled bottle. Lahej will give you a map to the collection point in Al Ghusais.

You can contact them direct to check what you need to do...

lahej gas for barbeque dubai

Office location : Next to General Post Office, Karama
Lahej Albasti Building (Ground Floor)
Zabeel Road, Karama (Dubai).
Mob : 050-4743787 / 050-2345405
Tel : 04-3376686 / 3376687
Fax : 04-3369814
E-mail : [email protected]

Good luck with getting your barbecue sorted out!