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A Guide for Newbies in Dubai to Paying Their Utility Bills

Dubai Government and the private utility companies have done a pretty good job of setting up various electronic ways to pay your bills, saving you the headache of physically travelling and joining a queue.

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31 July 2013

Last updated on 8 March 2018
A Guide for Newbies in Dubai to Paying Your Utility Bills

Electronic payments can be done online through Dubai eGovernment services like ePay for services like traffic & parking fines, mParking for parking fees, water and electricity bills and Salik card recharge. Online payment facilities are also offered by private banks. Obviously you can pay your bills in the traditional way at the various offices and kiosks around town but it does mean traffic and queues.

Paying your utility bills

The Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, DEWA has made provision for its customers to pay their bills in a number of different ways. Other utilities like telephone and cable TV/internet have a variety of bill payment options offered by the main telecom providers like Etisalat and Du.

In October 2010, Etisalat introduced the “eBill” system which allows individual customers to receive and pay their bills online, saving on paper wastage, reducing the carbon footprint, and the hassle of going to the Etisalat offices. Once customers sign up to receive their bills online, they can opt to receive their bills in two ways: Detailed bill that includes call details, dates and outstanding bill amount or summarized bill with just the amount you have to pay.

Etisalat’s customers who choose the eBill payment method and want to participate in the initiative can request activation of the service by simply calling 101 or by visiting any Etisalat outlet.

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Pay by mobile using mPay

Recharge your Salik and pay traffic fines and DEWA bills through mobile
mPay is a payment channel provided by Dubai eGovernment for government payment of fees in Dubai. The service is currently covering Salik account recharge, Dubai Police Fines Payment , DEWA bills Payment and will be extended to include more government services soon.

To use mPay service, you have to register on this website only once. Click on New User to register. Refer to FAQs If you have any questions.

Paying your DEWA bill

Pay your electricity and water bills- This link gives you details of the many methods of payment for your DEWA bill:

DEWA Website www.dewa.gov.ae
Use your credit cards (VISA or Master Card) through DEWA’s website without extra charges

Pay via Mobile (mPay)
Pay your bills via mobile phone (any time any place). Register at https://mpay.dubai.ae to activate this service.

Pay at DEWA Customer Service Centers
DEWA Customer Service Centers (List or Map)

Drive-Thru service
Pay your bills while driving through your car at Al-Wasl and Umm Al Ramool Customer Service Centers

Etisalat Public Payment Machines
Pay your bills using Etisalat (List or Map) Public payment machines in Dubai.

Pay at Petrol Stations (ENOC/EPPCO)
24/7 at ENOC(List or Map) and EPPCO(List or Map) petrol stations in Dubai.

Post Offices in Dubai
All post offices(List or Map) 7 days a week during official working hours.

Direct Debit
At partner banks, this service automatically deducts your DEWA bill amount from your bank account every month.

Note: Please contact your bank for more details.

ATM Machines
Bill payment can be made at ATM machines of a large number of banks.

Teller Counters
DEWA's partner banks offer DEWA bill payment at their tellers from Saturday to Thursday during office hours.

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Paying your Du bill

Pay your landline, mobile, and internet bills – this link takes you through to the Du site where you can set up regular payment by credit card, or manually pay your bill each month via credit card.

Paying for parking by an e-payment system

Pay parking fees using your mobile phone
RTA's mParking service (mParking) is a new service which allows motorists to pay for their virtual parking permit using their Etisalat and Du mobile phones by sending an SMS in a pre-defined format to 7275 (PARK) so you don’t need to walk to the Payment Display (P/D) Machines and search for coins. The mParking service also alerts the motorist via an SMS prior to virtual permit expiry and if needed the motorist can extend his/her parking period from his/her office or home without having to walk to his/her vehicle.