How to... find a good maid service |

How to... find a good maid service

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30 July 2013

Last updated on 25 May 2016

How To: Find a Good Maid Service

Having a live-in maid or using a maid service is very popular in Dubai.

There are many reasons for this - people don’t have family here so need help, villas are very big, people work hard and don’t have the time to clean etc etc. Whatever the reason you do have options available to you.
Find a Good Maid Service

Here we will take a look at using a maid service:

There are many companies set up to provide this service. Basically you enter into a contract with one of the companies and they will send a maid to your villa or apartment at set times arranged with you and your home will be sparkling clean!

The service is charged for at an hourly rate with the minimum usually being 4 hours per week. It’s up to you how often you want a maid- for an apartment 4 hours per week is probably long enough. For a villa 8 hours a week should do it - but you can have someone every day- most services are fully flexible. It also depends on what services you want- floor cleaning, washing, ironing, tidying, dusting, cooking etc. etc.

A basic house cleaning service will normally cover the following:

  • Floors: Thorough mop and vacuum as needed
  • Kitchens: Clean surfaces, dust appliances, wipe cupboards, clean oven and fridge, and wash floors
  • Bathrooms: Sanitize sinks, baths, toilets, floors and counters
  • All Rooms: Vacuum and mop throughout, replace bed linen, clean lampshades, furniture, and light fittings
Rates do vary but the average is 35 AED an hour.

You will be expected to provide all cleaning materials and tools- although you can request them to be supplied, at a cost. It is probably best to supply your own based on your personal brand preference.

A supervisor would normally visit you to go through all your requirements and make a task list for your home for the maid and perform an orientation.

A lot of companies also offer a baby sitting service, pet sitting, party hosting, car washing, grocery shopping and could also provide you with a full time live in maid.

Research is key to this process - you really need a professional, reliable and trustworthy company to be providing this service for you. You can ask for feedback on our Information Board for peace of mind too. Companies that have been recommended/mentioned on our Information Board include Howdra,, Helpers, Dial A Maid, Molly Maid, Open House, Ready Maids etc.

Note: you will probably see both good and bad comments about all maid services - it always seems to be a very contentious subject! The best thing to do is trust your gut instinct - see how the service is from the initial contact - if you are not happy - don’t use them. When you do get your maid - spend some time orientating her - we are all from different places and have different levels, standards and ways of cleaning - no-one has a magic wand they can just wave to get it all done!) You may not always get the same maid every week due to circumstances but most companies do try and give you the same lady each week.

Look to use a company that has trained its personnel in the various tasks they will need to perform and are professional and swift in their dealings with you.

Remember - your maid may need some pointers to help her along the way so try and build a rapport with her. Most are from the Phillippines and English is their second language, so there may be teething troubles - be gentle!

Maid Service Pros:
• Reliability - e.g. if you maid is sick/ on holiday you will still have your services performed
• Economical - you can control how much you spend based on your need and there are no visa/sponsorship costs
• Privacy - some people do not like the idea of having someone else living in their home
• Controlled - there is someone to discuss issues with at the service head quarters if need be
• Flexibility - you have an element of flexibility and can change the hours up or down if need be and the days

Maid Service Cons:
• Consistency - maids can be changed which means you have to re-train
• Security worries - just make sure you lock or hide all valuables away for your own peace of mind
• Limited Time - you may find you need more hours than you have anticipated
• Vacation - you may find that some companies you sign a contract with may still charge you and service you while you are away.

Update September 27th 2011: There has been a crackdown on the employment of illegal maids. The fines and punishments are steep- between 50,00 AED to 100,000 AED, possible jail term and possible deportation. Do not expose yourself to this risk. Illegal helpers include part timers on someone else's visa, full or part timers with no visa at all, odd job men, gardeners not belonging to any company etc. Your options are sponsor your own maid/ helper who must only work for you or use a reputable, registered agency.