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Living in Fujairah

A guide to expat life in Fujairah covering nursery, school, education, housing, weather, shopping, things to do, where to live etc.

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24 February 2013

Last updated on 25 July 2019
Living in Fujairah

From housing to schooling options, this is your guide to expat life in Fujairah

Fujairah is a lovely place that lots of expats from the other Emirates visit for a weekend break but there are more and more expats moving to Fujairah as the industry there grows.

The Emirate of Fujairah, known as the jewel of Arabia, covers about 1.4% of the area of the UAE, and is the fifth largest Emirate in the UAE. In 1902, Fujairah entered into treaty relations with Britain, becoming the last of the emirates to join the Trucial States. On 2 December 1971, Fujairah joined the United Arab Emirates.

Fujairah is the only Emirate of the UAE that is almost totally mountainous. Consequently, Fujairah boasts a higher than average yearly rainfall of the UAE.

Here we take a look at everything to do with living in Fujairah from hospitals to education and all that handy essential information you need to know.

The weather in Fujairah

The weather in Fujairah is seasonal, although it is warm for most of the year. The months of October to March are generally regarded as the coolest, with daytime temperatures averaging around 25 °C with temperatures climbing to over 40 °C degrees in the summer.

The winter period also coincides with the rainy season and rainfall is higher than the rest of the UAE, partly because of the effect of the Hajjar mountains that encircle the Emirate, and partly because the prevailing winds are easterly bringing with them water-laden clouds off the warm Indian Ocean.

Living in Fujairah

Industry in Fujairah

Fujairah's main occupation in the past was fishing and agriculture. Nowadays the Port of Fujairah is the 2nd most important bunkering port in the world with many shipping companies and other related businesses have set up offices there. You can always look out to sea and expect to see a large number of ships on the horizon.

The Fujairah Port is an important port for container liners and for the world's largest livestock shipping companies, which have set up their main holding station for sheep and cattle for the entire Arabian Peninsula here. Quarrying is also a major industry of Fujairah.

Living in Fujairah

Healthcare in Fujairah

Health care in Fujairah is delivered in a mixed public and private system. Locals are treated free at the federal government hospitals, while foreigners have to pay for medical care. There are various clinics that complement and help lighten the load on the main Fujairah Hospital by allowing walk-in appointments and providing ancillary medical services.

Here's a list of the major hospitals in Fujairah:

Thumbay Hospital Fujairah

Thumbay Hospital Fujairah is a private health care provider in the emirate with a 24/7 emergency department, operating theatre, pharmacy and outpatients clinics. The hospital has special schemes and packages to provide affordable medical care in Fujairah.

Al Sharq Hospital

Al Sharq Hospital is a premium 100-bed general medical hospital, the east coast's largest and only hospital to comprise of 100% first-class private rooms and exquisite VIP Suites for optimum comfort. The hospital has a fully-fledged Emergency department, 21 outpatient departments, ICU, NICU, delivery suites and day surgeries providing in and outpatient services. The hospital is equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment such as an Open MRI, CT Scanner, mammography, a suite of ultra-modern laboratory facilities, 4D ultrasound and an audiology room.

Living in Fujairah

Education in Fujairah

Fujairah has a selection of schooling options in the emirate, from nursery to high school. The schools teach in varied curriculums from US, UK, UAE, etc.

Here's a list of schools in Fujairah:

Our Own English High School

Our Own English High School, Fujairah has been operating for over 2 decades. The school runs two parallel boards - Kindergarten to Class 12 (affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India) and Kindergarten to O-level (International General Certificate of Secondary Education, CIE, Cambridge University, UK) and is home to nearly 3500 students and teachers from 30 nations across the globe - absolutely international in its character and global in its outlook.

St. Mary's Catholic High School, Fujairah

St. Mary’s Catholic High School was established in Fujairah in 2002. This school provides and is affiliated to the CBSE curriculum, GCSE Edexcel Board and GCE A Levels.

Fujairah Private Academy

Fujairah Private Academy caters to students from 3.5 to 18 years; curriculum modelled on the national curriculum of the UK; school is a recognised examination centre for both University of Cambridge and Edexcel (London University).

Living in Fujairah

Fujairah Montessori Nursery

Fujairah Montessori Nursery is a pre-school in Fujairah. It admits children from the age of two years. It is located at building number 14 in the "16 Buildings" in Al Faseel Rd.

Super Baby Nursery

Super Baby Nursery was Established in 2007 as the first British nursery in Fujairah. A friendly and happy place for children to spend their early learning years, We are fully licensed, registered, approved by Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Fujairah Municipality.

Accommodation in Fujairah

You may be surprised by the quality and size of accomodation in Fujairah. You will be choosing from either a villa or a flat in an apartment block.

Lots of them are very new and spacious although the attention to finishing detail may not be what you are used to. Construction and completion of new apartments and villas are constantly happening as more and more expats move there. New apartments tend to have central AC but you may end up in a place with window AC. You will have to shop around as not all places to rent come with white goods, wardrobes or storage space.

Accommodation costs in Fujairah

Most housing facilities ranging from studio to 3-bedroom flats are, in general, affordable.

Getting about in Fujairah

Travel in and around Fujairah and the surrounding towns of Khor Kalba, Khor Fakkan, Kalba and Masafi have been made easy by the development of modern highways over the last 30 years, since gaining independence in 1971.

There are some buses in Fujairah but not for travel; they are for schools, colleges, and some companies or they come from other cities.

Newcomers and tourists can use the taxi system, which operates all day and night. There is no central booking system for private companies, but the government is planning to apply one. Taxis are hailed by standing at the roadside and flagging one down.

As of 2007, all taxis are metered, uniform in color (mostly yellow with green stripes) and report to a head company known as Cars.

The new Sheikh Khalifa highway linking Dubai and Fujairah is a road that shortens the distance by 20 to 30 km.

The Fujairah International Airport is near the city, with a large falcon statue at the airport roundabout.

Living in Fujairah

Photo credit: Antonie Robertson / The National

Shopping malls in Fujairah

Fujairah City Centre

Fujairah City Centre offers choice, convenience and value for money across a wide range of categories including local and international fashion, lifestyle, electronics, homewares and food and beverage. The mall features a Carrefour hypermarket, the largest in the Emirate. With a multi-screen VOX Cinemas, a Magic Planet family entertainment centre and an international dining offer, Fujairah City Centre will redefine the shopping and leisure experience for Fujairah and surrounding communities.

Getting there...

By Car

Fujairah City Centre is located at the intersection of the new Fujairah - Dubai Highway and the Masafi road at the entrance to the city.

By Taxi

Fujairah City Centre has a dedicated pickup and dropoff taxi area.

Century Mall

Century Mall Fujairah will have more than 130 retail shops once fully opened, as well as a large super market, entertainment zones, food courts, coffee shops, movie theatres and department stores. Its located just up the road from Al Sharq Hospital on the E99. (If you're familiar with UK brands- there's a Matalan in there!)

Entertainment, leisure & things to do in Fujairah

Fujairah Museum

The Fujairah Museum is located south of the Fort, opposite the Ruler's Palace. Displays at the Fujairah Museum include artifacts found in archeological digs at Qidfa and Bithnah. Local and foreign archeologists have uncovered items dating back to early Bronze Age, over 4,500 years ago. Exhibits at the Fujairah Museum include pieces made of bronze, steel, brass, silver and gold. Bronze and Iron Age weapons, painted pottery, carved soapstone vessels and pre-Islamic silver coins. The latest addition to the displays is Herbs and Folkloric Medicine.

Living in Fujairah

Pictured: Bithnah Fort and Museum, Fujairah

Bithnah Fort
The Bithna Fort is near Fujairah on the main highway. The Bithna Fort once stood watch over the strategic route across the Hajar Mountains through Wadi Ham. Built in 1735, Bithna Fort was considered on the most important fortresses in the eastern part of the United Arab Emirates.Small parts of the wall are still standing showing the intricate decorative designs of the majlis walls.

Fujairah Fort
Fujairah Fort, built in 1670, was badly damaged in the early 20th century. Considered the oldest fort in the UAE, it has served as a defensive building and a home for the ruling family.The Fujairah Fort is a mud brick structure with three major sections, several halls, one square tower and two round towers. The fort has been renovated and restored to its former glory. For many centuries it was the only stone building along the Fujairah coast. Located on a hill at the edge of date gardens.

Fujairah Heritage Village
The Heritage Village in Fujairah presents the traditional way of life for residents of the Emirates. Traditional houses, cooking utensils, farming tools, and the Al Yazrah irrigation system, used for irrigating fields with a working bull are displayed. Heritage Village contains the Fujairah fortress and other ancient buildings, which were used by the Ruler's family. The Department of Archeology and Heritage in Fujairah has renovated the fortress, constructed a wall of mud around the area and built a theatre that can accommodate more than 3,000 spectators.

Khor Kalba
South of the village of Kalba is Khor Kalba, set in a beautiful tidal estuary (khor is the Arabic word for creek). This is the most northerly mangrove forest in the world, the oldest in Arabia and home to a variety of plant, marine, and birdlife not found anywhere else in the UAE. The mangroves flourish in this area thanks to a mix of saltwater from the sea and fresh water from the mountains, but worryingly they are receding due to the excessive use of water from inland wells. For birdwatchers, the area is especially good during the spring and autumn migrations when special species of bird include the reef heron and the booted warbler.

Living in Fujairah

Pictured: Khor Kalba mangrove, Fujairah

Al Bidya Mosque
Al Bidiyah Mosque (sometimes written Al Badyah or Al Bidya), located in the Bidiyah (or Al Badiyah) region of Fujairah, is the oldest mosque in the UAE. It is not sure when the mosque was built.

The archaeological centre of Fujairah in co-operation with the University of Sydney in Australia worked on the site in 1997-98, and some studies have estimated that the masjid was built in 640AD.

Others indicate the building may have been built as long ago as 1446BC, meaning it had other uses before it became a Muslim house of worship. we visited it- read all about it here>>

Fujairah Terry Fox Run
The Terry Fox Run comes under the patronage of His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, the Crown Prince of Fujairah. It has quickly become a feature of the annual calendar in Fujairah. ALL money raised at the Fujairah Terry Fox Run goes toward cancer research IN THE UAE.

Expat hang outs in Fujairah

Most restaurants and bars and events happen inside the lovely hotels of Fujairah.

Check out what's happening in the following places...

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  • Hilton Fujairah Resort
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