Paying for Dubai traffic and parking fines |

Paying for Dubai traffic and parking fines

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25 July 2013

Last updated on 16 September 2015

Paying for Traffic and Parking Fines

Due to the traffic density and high speed driving on many roads, the Dubai government is increasingly trying to police the roads, and with the growing population density more and more of Dubai is being covered by paid parking.

As a result at some point you may get flashed by a speed camera or hit for a parking fine. It is important for drivers to know the rules and regulations regarding fines and the modes of payment.
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Find below a set of links which should help you to check and if necessary pay fines. Among the latest is mPay -a payment channel provided by Dubai eGovernment that offers electronic payment solutions using the mobile phone.
traffic fines in dubai

To appeal against a traffic fine, you need to personally visit the customer service section of Dubai Traffic Prosecution, behind Dubai Police Headquarters. There you will need to fill up a form, giving reasons for your appeal against the unjustified fine and submit your ID. The appeal process usually takes about 2-3 weeks, and if your appeal is upheld, then the fine will be cancelled immediately. In case you have been fined directly by the police for an accident which you believe was not your fault, you can file a similar appeal at the respective police station. If you have experience of the appeal process you may wish to share your experience with Expatwoman readers

Parking fines inquiry- Roads & Transport Authority
You have two options to find your parking fines: either by car details or by fine number.

Traffic fines and online payment - Dubai Police
Allows you to pay fines electronically, check the status of a fine you’ve paid and to pay via SMS

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Fine inquiry through SMS - Dubai Police
This service allows you to check your traffic and municipality violations and fines via SMS. You just have to follow the link and instructions and enter your car registration details.

Pay traffic fines using your mobile - Dubai eGovernment
The standard Dubai government mobile payment system for all sorts of things can also be used for traffic fines, just follow the link and create a user ID.