Getting a UAE Residency Visa for a Newborn Baby in Dubai |

Residency Visa For New Born Baby In Dubai

If you've given birth in Dubai, you have to get your newborn a residency visa quite quickly

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7 January 2013

Last updated on 14 February 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Residency Visa For New Born Baby In Dubai

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Here's our guide to the procedure of sponsoring your new baby...

The MOST important piece of advice to know and remember is that you must apply for a residency visa for a newborn baby within 120 days of the birth.

If you fail to do this the child will not be allowed to leave the UAE and the legal guardian must pay an AED 100 fine for each day over the 120 day period.

Before applying for your baby's residency visa, you should apply for his/her passport at your country's embassy. Plus, as per a new law introduced in 2015 by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), you should arrange adequate health insurance for your new addition.

Next, you can apply for your baby's UAE residency visa.

What you need to sponsor a baby in Dubai

You should have a minimum of AED 3,000 salary to qualify to sponsor your child. You'll also need:

  • An application form
  • Baby's original passport
  • Original and copies of your baby's birth certificate in English and Arabic - attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs*
  • Multiple passport sized photos of your baby
  • Original and copies of your attested marriage certificate
  • Copy of sponsor's passport
  • Copy of mother's passport and visa page
  • Copy of job contract for the sponsor or a salary certificate
  • Attested tenancy contract/EJARI certificate

Process of sponsoring your baby in Dubai

Below is the procedure on how you can apply for your baby's UAE residency visa:

  • Go to an accredited typing centre to fill out an application form - you cannot fill this out yourself, as the Typing Centre will encode the details into the system. Be prepared to pay a fee for this service.
  • Head to your relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) office to submit the required documents. You will pay the fees needed to process the application here.
  • There will be waiting period of up to 5 working dances once approved, you'll then receive the passport with the UAE residency visa in it via courier service.

Fees for sponsoring a baby in Dubai

There are small variances in fees depending on whether the sponsor works in a government or private company in the UAE.

For sponsors working in the private sector:

  • Visa stamping: AED 450
  • File opening: AED 220
  • Emirates ID application: AED 270

For sponsors working in government/public sector companies:

  • Visa stamping: AED 550
  • File opening: AED 225
  • Emirates ID application: AED 370

Please note: fees may vary and change without prior notice. For a more updated process, you can call a typing center directly or contact the GDRFA office on 800 5111.