The UAE's 10-Year Blue Visa: Everything You Need to Know |

The UAE's 10-Year Blue Visa: Everything You Need to Know

The UAE has launched a new 10-year Blue Visa; here's everything you need to know including eligibility and how to apply

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17 May 2024

Last updated on 20 May 2024
What is the 10-year UAE Blue Visa

Going green just got more rewarding!

The UAE Cabinet has announced a new long-term residency programme dubbed as the Blue Visa.

Much like the UAE's Golden Visa, the Blue Visa grants its holder a 10-year residency and will be issued to people who have made "exceptional contributions" - but this time it's towards the efforts made protecting the country's environment and boosting its sustainability sector.

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According to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the new residency visa was launched as part of the government's long-term goals of making the UAE a more sustainable country.

What is the UAE's Blue Visa?

"The visa will be granted to individuals who have made significant contributions to environmental protection and sustainability, offering them a ten-year residency in the UAE, and is part of the UAE’s Year of Sustainability," Wam stated.

UAE Blue Visa Guide: What Is It and Who Can Apply for the Blue Visa

Who is eligible for the UAE Blue Visa?

Whether on land or water, the visa will take into consideration applications from individuals who have made great efforts or contributions in protecting and improving the country's environment and sustainability progress.

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Applicants whose work went towards improving air quality and developing sustainable technology will also be awarded, said officials.

Requirements to Apply for the UAE Blue Visa

If you're interested in applying for the 10-year Blue Visa in the UAE, you will need to show proof of any remarkable work you've put into supporting the country's environment, including its land-based ecosystems, air quality, marine life, sustainability, eco technology, the circular economy, and other environmental impact.

What are the UAE Blue Visa requirements | How to check eligibility for UAE Blue Visa

How to Apply for the UAE Blue Visa?

If you are eligible to apply for the UAE Blue Visa, you can submit your application through the Federal Authority for Identity, Customs, Citizenship, and Port Security (ICP) official website:

The long-term visa schemes aim to attract and retain highly skilled talents, granting them more freedom to stay in the UAE compared to being tied to a regular company-sponsored visa that typically lasts for 2-3 years.

It also provides visa-holders with a sense of security as they won't have to rely on a company's or family sponsorship.

List of All UAE Visas Available

Wondering what are the types of visas available in the UAE? Below is a full list.

  • UAE Tourist Visa - A 60-day visit visa for temporary visitors to the UAE (previously 30 days).
  • UAE Residency Visa - This residency visa allows foreigners to live, work, and study in the UAE for a maximum of two years before it requires renewal. A UAE residency visa is either sponsored by an employee's company, or it is sponsored by a person's spouse, parent, or immediate family member.
  • Multi-Entry Visa - This version of the UAE's tourist visa is valid for up to 5 years and allows the visa-holder to stay for up to 90 consecutive days (the visa-holder must have at least USD 4,000 or its equivalent in his or her bank account).
  • UAE Golden Visa - A long-term residency visa that allows its holder to stay for up to 10 years. The Golden Visa is only awarded to people of exceptional talent, skill, or contributions to the UAE (doctors, entrepreneurs, business owners, property investors, musicians, artists, etc.)
  • Golden Visa for Students - A five-year residency visa awarded to high-performing high school students, which allows them stay in the UAE without a sponsor.
  • Remote Working Visa - A residence permit for people based abroad to work remotely while in the UAE.
  • Green Visa - A five-year residency visa given to individuals who have their own businesses and are not working for or sponsored by an employer.
  • Freelancer Visa - A five-year residency visa available to Freelancer or Self-Employed individuals.