Weather Alert in Dubai as Sand Storm Sweeps UAE |

Weather Alert in Dubai as Sand Storm Sweeps UAE

Residents have also been warned to prepare for rain in parts of the country

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10 May 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
by Rebecca Roberts
Weather alert for sand storm in Dubai and the UAE

If you haven't noticed already - it's rather dusty outside today.

So much so, UAE residents have been warned to be extra careful as fresh winds are causing dust to blow, resulting in poor visibility in parts of the country.

The reduced visibility is expected to continue until Thursday evening, as issued a weather alert.

Residents can expect poor horizontal visibility of 'less than 2,000 metres' at times due to dust in suspension over scattered areas.

Other updates released by the NCMS confirmed that it's due to 'blowing dust/ sand over most coastal and internal areas of the country'.

Parts of the country may even experience rainfall today

Clouds may increase over the eastern area in the afternoon on Thursday, with the possibility of rainfall in these areas. Temperatures may also decrease.

Here's hoping so, considering temperatures reached highs of mid-40 degrees Celsius this week.

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The NCMS clarified further, stating that today's weather will be "partly cloudy and dusty in general, with change of afternoon convective development and isolated showers over some eastern areas.

"Temperatures tend to decrease over the western coast, fresh winds [are] expected with periods of blowing dust/sand. Rough sea conditions in the Arabian Gulf and moderate in Oman sea."

Due to the latter warning, beachgoers and residents are advised to be cautious while swimming today in various beaches in the region.

The Dubai Police have also issued a warning to motorists

Motorists are urged to take extra caution while out and about.