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Where to Go to Fix Your Phone in Dubai

A guide on where to have your phone repaired in Dubai

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12 March 2018

Last updated on 15 March 2018
Where to Go to Fix Your Phone in Dubai

We have most probably all been there that: that chilling moment that your phone slips out of your hand, falls to the ground and crack goes the screen. Or that there is a hardware or software malfunction and you need to get it repaired. You might have had your go-to store back home, but where do you start looking for a repair centre in Dubai?

Luckily, this is Dubai and your options are almost endless as to what you can do and where you can have your phone repaired.

Take it to the manufacturer

If you have an iPhone or Samsung phone then it is quite easy to either book an appointment at an iStore to assist you or take it to a Samsung service centre for the respective devices. They will be able to assist you with hardware and software problems. This is quite a straight forward option and will ensure your warranty isn’t voided but it can be costlier to do.

Authorised repair centres

Some shops are branded as authorised repair centres for iPhone, Samsung or both. This can be a bit cheaper than taking it back to the brands’ repair centre and will also ensure that your warranty isn’t voided on the device. These centres are usually also authorised for other, less popular brands such as Hauwei, Sony, Blacberry, etc.

Authorised repair centres are usually also found in malls across Dubai and can easily be identified as having an actual shop rather than just a booth in a mall. It also helps to ask whether they are an authorised repair centre and to do a quick Google search to confirm whether they are legit.

Go to a third-party repair centre

Alternatively, there are third party repair centres in most shopping centres. Kiosks who sell mobile accessories usually do cell phone repairs as well. They are generally cheaper than taking it back to the company service centre. Their work is usually of good quality but this does have some risk to it: this will likely void your warranty on the device and it is possible that they won’t use original parts to repair your device.

Let them come to you

This is Dubai after all and would you expect anything less than being able to have someone come to you to repair your device in a country where you can have almost anything delivered to you or done at your home?

There are a number of companies who, depending on what is wrong with the device, will come to your office or home to repair your device. This is much quicker than taking it in to a store to have it repaired and is extremely convenient for people with busy schedules. They aren’t too expensive either and provide a warranty on their work, but this is however likely to void the warranty on your device as well.