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16 Effortless Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness doesn’t always mean donations, often times, kindness can be as simple as holding the door for the person behind you

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23 May 2016

Last updated on 25 May 2017
16 Effortless Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness brings out our characters. While some acts of kindness involve heaps of money and time, others don’t require much at all, but the impact will leave you and everyone around you awe-inspired!

If you want to make a difference in the world, but you're limited on funds and time, try doing basic things that will make the person in front of you smile...

    1. Smile to a stranger -  that might be the only smile they have gotten all day!
    2. Don't write hurtful internet comments – words are more powerful than you may think and they can leave a mark.
    3. When everyone is gossiping around you, be the one to butt in with something nice – no one is perfect right?
    4. Put your phone away when out with friends or family – In the new digital age, this is unfortunately now considered an act of kindness.
    5. Don't interrupt when someone is talking – This goes without saying!
    6. Email or write to a teacher who made a difference in your life – after all, they have left a firm mark on your academic upbringing.
    7. Let someone into your lane while driving, they could be in a rush too – share the road, you never know the circumstances of the drivers around you.
    8. Forgive someone, and don't bring the issue up again – “you got me beggin’ you for mercy, why don’t you release me?”
    9. Talk to the shy person who is sat alone at a social gathering – They might be your next best friend.
    10. Leave your newspaper behind for someone else to read it at the coffee shop, doctor's office or on a plane
    11. Let the person with fewer items than you check out at the supermarket before you
    12. When you go to the shop, ask if the people around you would like anything too
    13. Give someone a hug – free hugs for all
    14. Answer those emails you've been avoiding
    15. Write a nice comment on your friend's blog
    16. Give someone a tissue if they're crying in public, offer your support if they wish to take it
    17. Compliment others infront of others
    18. Hold the elevator
    19. Talk to someone at work whom you haven't spoken to before
    20. Text someone just to say good morning or good night
    21. Give your seat to someone on the bus or metro
    22. Encourage someone
    23. Help someone struggling with heavy bags
    24. Be patient
    25. Call your parents
    26. Offer to return a shopping cart for someone loading groceries into their car

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    You've heard our suggestions, lets hear yours! 

    Throughout the month of Ramadan, we are looking for good samaritans who are paying it forward. Tweet us with your act of kindness #ExpatWoman! 



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