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About All 4 Down Syndrome Dubai

As a voluntary support group based here in Dubai, All 4 Down Syndrome Dubai aims to support families and create awareness.

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13 February 2012

Last updated on 28 June 2017
About All 4 Down Syndrome Dubai
All 4 Down Syndrome is a voluntary support group, with the majority of members being parents of children and/or adults who have Down syndrome. Other members comprise of professionals from medical and educational facilities who bring expertise to the group for all involved. 

The support group's aim is to assist families, create awareness amont the public and in schools, and bring expertise from abroad with the aim of training professionals and parents to an international standard for special needs, thereby creating the same opportunities for children here in the UAE. 

All 4 Down Syndrome Dubai

How can I volunteer with All 4 Down Syndrome?
If you'd like to volunteer, or simply register to be a member of A4DS, please click here and fill in your details.

The history of All 4 Down Syndrome
The support group began in February 2004, following the meeting of four families at the American Hospital, where they were given the chance to meet and support each other. 

Since then, new families have been directed to A4DS, which has since grown tremendously to include over 100 members from 25 different nationalities, with age-groups ranging from birth to 35 years old! 

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What is Down Syndrome?
Down syndrome is a genetic condition, where individuals have one extra chromosome. And it is chromosome 21 that is extra, and is the reason why Down syndrome is also sometimes recognised as trisomy 21.

What campaigns are currently ongoing?
There is an ongoing awareness campaign at schools, which has so far been carried out in primary schools for children 6 years and over. From this, All 4 Down SYndrome have had very positive feedback, and have been approached by many schools to give their awareness presentation. 

If you'd like to work with All 4 Down Syndrome Dubai in raising awareness in your company, your school or organisation just email [email protected] with details. 

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How can I get involved on World Down Syndrome Day?
Every year, All 4 Down Syndrome hold a World Down Syndrome Day Walk on March 21st to raise awareness in the community of Dubai. 

To see their walk, or other events around Dubai supporting Down syndrome, you may visit our events page here


Website: www.all4downsyndrome.com

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: 050 880 9228 (available 8am - 8pm)

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