Adopt a Dog in Dubai: Introducing K9 Friends |

Adopt a Dog in Dubai: Introducing K9 Friends

Where do you go if you want to adopt a dog in Dubai? Avoid pet shops, and instead visit K9 Friends

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18 February 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
by Rebecca Roberts
K9 Friends in Dubai: Adopt a Dog in Dubai

The number of abandoned and homeless dogs in Dubai has always been astoundingly high; and numbers of stray dogs in the emirate increase day by day.

Sadly, due to the transient nature of expat life - dogs seeking homes has always been an issue, as individuals move here, buy or adopt a dog, then a change in circumstances means they can no longer keep the dog. This habit is something that has been ongoing in Dubai, and continues to occur even today.

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As a result, rescue establishments in Dubai like K9 Friends and their supporters and volunteers are needed more so than ever.

If you reside in Dubai or the UAE and are hoping to welcome a furry friend into your home, start by visiting K9 Friends' shelter to adopt a dog in Dubai.

Who are K9 Friends, and what's their story?

K9 Friends was established back in 1989 by a group of dog lovers who wanted to create a welcoming 'dog club'. As they became more well-known in the community, people began to call them about stray dogs who needed rescuing from the streets of Dubai. Thus, the original 'dog club' became the first 'dog rescue' in the UAE.

Between 1989 and 2000, many thousands of dogs were picked up and re-homed, but by the year 2000, the problem of stray and abandoned dogs had grown too big for volunteers to continue keeping them in foster homes, and in paid boarding kennels. At that point, the K9 Friends team decided to look for a premises in order to start a shelter.

Where is K9 Friends and the shelter?

Originating in Al Quoz, the rescuers moved to a purpose-built shelter in Jebel Ali Industrial Area in 2009.

K9 Friends in Dubai

How can you help K9 Friends?

Almost a decade has passed since K9 Friends' move, and the team at K9 Friends still work hard on a day to day basis to raise the funds needed in order to feed, vet check and care for the increasing number of dogs in their shelter. The maintenance of their shelter is constantly ongoing, and fundraising and sponsorship events helps to keep K9 Friends going.

For those wishing to adopt a dog, the adoption fees and sales help cover the costs of running the shelter. If that isn't an option for some individuals, there is room to volunteer or 'lend a paw' by sponsoring a dog. K9 Friends also hold regular dog walking programmes for volunteers to join in.

At present, K9 Friends has 116 dogs and puppies in their facilities looking for homes.

Anyone hoping to adopt a dog can give them a call on 04 887 8739.

The office is open from 9am to 1pm every day, except Friday.

All dogs currently up for adoption can be found on the shelter's Facebook page, K9 Friends, Dubai or on their website,