Animal Project Dubai Plea To Help Arabian Maus |

Animal Project Dubai Plea To Help Arabian Maus

For over a thousand years, they have been the longest residents in this region. Help them to stay healthy and sterilized!

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9 May 2013

Last updated on 8 January 2018
Animal Project Dubai

Today alone we managed to trap 3 females in the morning, one more in the afternoon, 3 females in the evening and one male. 4 of those females were on heat and most likely pregnant, make a rough estimation on the number of yearly kitten produced by them.

What we are trying to do is quite simple in principle, but costly and time consuming. Without the community's cooperation it is NOT going to get better, so please do not blame the authorities whenever they take drastic measures, they look at this issue from a complete different angle: the fastest and the cheapest temporary solutions.

TNR (TRAP, NEUTER AND RELEASE) has been the "ONLY" effective way of reducing “out of control” cat population in the long run.

Our focus is healthy stray Maus living in fairly safe areas, where they could obtain a reliable living structure. We do sterilize the healthy ones, and the very sick or FIV infested are euthanized. Stray Arabian Maus do not fit in with the city's development planning and much less, when it comes to out of control cat population, perceived by some as pests. We, as individuals having the deepest respect for animals are calling upon the community to alleviate this tedious situation by creating healthy sterilized cat colonies to coexist among humans.

PLEASE sponsor a cat for TNR on a monthly basis a female will cost AED 175 and a male AED 130. You do not need to get physically involved: we do have experienced trappers. We are struggling with the cost. Stray animals are a community malpractice so we ALL need to help OUR strays.

the animal project

Monthly you could sponsor a cat for sterilization directly to The City Vet Clinic (043883990) for maximum transparency.

The Animal Project aims to redefine the meaning of animal welfare bringing animals to the right level. Should you wish to become a regular active sponsor kindly email us at [email protected]

"All working for a better community"

For more details please visit our website.

About The Arabian Mau

The name derives from the Arabic word for cat which is "mau". The Arabian Mau is a formal breed of domestic cat, developed from the desert cat and is a short-haired native to the Arabian Peninsula, which lives in the streets of countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, KSA and more and has adapted very well to the extreme climates. You will no doubt have seen them wandering around your neighbourhood.

The Arabian Mau originated from the African wildcat, Felis silvestris lybica, which has lived for many thousands of years on the Arabian peninsula. The wildcat lives in desert regions near human settlements. As early cities spread more and more into the desert, the wildcat ventured closer and closer to humans, because there was more food and shelter, and eventually domesticated itself.



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